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PGSharp latest version 1.33.11 available for download with new features



PGSharp latest update

Pokemon Go is one of the most loved and most played games on mobile phones. It was developed and published by Niantic with the collaboration of Nintendo and the pokemon company. This game has a massive fan following that is truly unmatchable. Now PGSharp which is one of the most powerful and useful tools of Pokemon Go has got an amazing update. Pokemon Go is all about a virtual world where the players have to catch all the pokemon around the world with a GPS matching feature.

This GPS mapping feature sync both real-world and in-game virtual worlds.  But definitely, a player can not be practically present at all the locations of the world so it is quite impossible to catch all the pokemon out there. So it basically restricts the capability of players to catch all the creatures in the game. But this is the time when PGSharp helps us. Don’t know how? Then just go through this post and you will have all your answers ready.

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The MOD to move around freely in Pokémon GO

PGSharp is a wonderful tool that enables gamers to resolve all the limitations in the popular game Pokemon Go. So using PGsharp a user can reach any place around the world. There are many other functions possible with it. Let us know about them first.

  • Here the players get an opportunity to move using a joystick without actually moving.
  • The players can also modify their speeds of walking.
  • It helps players to use a map so that they can teleport to other destinations.
  • here also the players get various routes to move automatically anywhere.
  • Moreover, the players can also save their last location.

This spoofing application is updated as the official app does, but not up to date. This means that you may find that one day it won’t work because it doesn’t match the current version of Pokémon GO.

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So this amazing app helps the players in many unimaginable ways. but if this tool is not working efficiently on your device then the chance is high that you are not using the current version of it. If it is so, then you need to update it first.

Before proceeding g for an update let us first know about its basic particulars.

Basic particulars of PGSharp

Name PGSharp
Current Version v 1.33.11
Size 214 MB
Requirement Android 4.1 or above
Tasks Catch Pikachu
Released 21 Oct 2021

PGSharp is not limited to this feature only. It is in fact helping Pokemon Go players in many other ways too. Now with the help of this amazing tool, the players don’t have to move anywhere to catch the pokemon. They simply can relax on their comfy couches and catch them all without any hassles.

Some of the exciting and exclusive features of PGsharp include Unlimited Teleporting, Automatic Walking, Enhanced Throw, 100IV Feed, etc.  If we talk about how reliable or safe this app is to use? is it legal or not? The let me tell you that this app is 100% safe and efficient with some exciting never-seen features.

In fact, PGSharp has been updated some time ago to the latest version 1.33.11 and this update is also getting immense popularity all across the globe.

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PGSharp latest update, version 1.33.11 (All Features)

As we said earlier too that PGSharp is an exciting tool that has recently got an update that introduces many exciting features to this app. Now because of such features, in present times, it is one of the most wanted apps for sure.

The best part is that PGSharp will be supporting the login from Google Account. Yes, you heard that right !! Now you can link and use your Google account to PGSharp. If you are an ardent fan of this game, then you must remember that We have seen this feature launching before in Pokemon Go.

So, in case, you are accessing the Google account to play your favorite game Pokemon Go, then you can do google login in PGSharp. 

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PGSharp 2021 APK- Main Features

let us know in detail about its all primary features that everybody should know about to use the app efficiently.

  • Joystick to Move

This is one of the best things that ever happened to it.  Yes !! Because in earlier times of this game, the players continuously have to move from one place to another in order to catch all the creatures. But this joystick feature has changed the entire gameplay. This feature helps the payers to find all the hidden pokemon all across the world. Here the players don’t need to move in the real world. They can just sit and relax and don’t have to roam anywhere physically.

  • Walking Speed

As we said earlier too, that this new feature will allow players to control their walking speed in the game. they can easily increase or decrease it efficiently. If you are using this feature then the entire walking speed is in your hands so gameplay becomes interesting with this feature. Isn’t it?

  • Teleportation

This app also provides an excellent feature known as Teleport. This teleport feature allows the gamers to teleport from one place to any other place. Here you can pick whichever location you want and you will be teleported to that place.

  • Routes to Move

Herewith this update, the players get a golden opportunity to get as many routes as possible. from these available routes, players can pick anyone as per convenience. this helps the players to move automatically. Th players only have to choose the route only and it will start following automatically.

  • Save Location

Another most popular feature of PGSharp for Pokemon Go players is that the players can save their location here easily through this app. This helps the users to track all the places that they have already visited.

  • Free to Play

One of the most wanted and exciting features of this PGSharp is that it is hardly seen that one app brings solutions for all the problems. But this app is definitely a one-shot solution for all the limitations of the Pokemon Go game.  The best part is that the entire bundle of such exciting features comes absolutely free.

  • Move Freely

Here is what players feel like a – free-flying bird without any restrictions.  The players can reach any place in the world to get caught their pokemon. So this definitely levels up the game and makes it more interesting.

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Is PGSharp free?

YES !! many users have flooded the internet with similar questions that are it free or do they have to pay anything for that, if you are also one of them who keenly wants to know that. then let me tell you that – YES, it is completely free of cost.

But it comes with two versions of it – One is a free edition and either is the standard edition. The standard edition comes with some extended features like-

  • Teleport
  • Joystick
  • Favorites
  • Enhanced throw
  • Encounter/Inventory IV
  • Caught preview
  • 100 IV feed
  • Nearby radar
  • Usable on one device

The standard edition comes with all the features that a free edition offers plus the extended features that are exclusively seen in the standard edition only. You can use it on two devices, plus you’ll have access to the auto walk feature, quick catch, quick load map, block non-shiny, the option to skip evolve animations, and it’s compatible with Go Plus.

What is a cooldown in PGSharp?

PGSharp has some cooldown rules so that your account get noticed, as it increases the chances. Hereafter catching a wild pokemon by a player, or after spinning a Pokestop, the players get ample time to travel to a certain distance before moving or proceeding for another action.

Many actions like hatching eggs, powering up a Pokemon, trading Pokemon, teleporting, encountering a wild Pokemon, deleting items from your personal storage, and claiming rewards do not trigger a cooldown.

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Final Words

Hey folks, do you like the post about PGsharp? We have listed all about its latest version, new exciting features, and its editions. I hope you would found it fruitful. If YES, then do share it with your friends and family.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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