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Pixel users can now measure heart and respiratory rate using the camera with Google Fit app



Pixel users can now measure heart and respiratory rate


  • Google has unveiled new features for its Pixel smartphones, which will allow users to measure their heart and breathing rates using its camera.
  • For measuring heart rate, users need to place a finger on the camera.
  • The ability to measure heart and respiratory rate are currently exclusive to Pixel phones, but it will soon expand to other Android phones too.

Google Fit app is now rolling out the ability to measure heart rate and respiratory rate through phones. These new features are available for Pixel phones only, but the company has confirmed that it “will be expanding to more Android devices in the future”.

This feature will be handy for those who do not own a Smartband or medical equipment to monitor the same.

How to Measure Heart Rate and Respiratory rate??

Google company has now published a video tutorial on how to use the new features.

The video tutorial shows what users need to do to measure heart rate and respiratory rate using the Google Fit app. Ensure that you are on the latest version of the app to be able to use the new features.

  • Heart Rate:

In order to measure your heart rate, all you have to do is hold your finger over your Pixel phone’s rear camera lens and apply a little bit of pressure. The Google Fit app will detect the pulse in your fingertip to measure your heart rate.

  • Respiratory Rate:

In order to measure the respiratory rate, you’ll have to keep your Pixel smartphone on a stable surface and then sit still in its view. Start breathing and let the camera watch your chest movements to detect your respiratory rate.

The results are then shown on the app, which can be saved for later diagnosis.

For better results:

  1. Google recommends that if you’re wearing masks or hats, they should be removed for accurate results.
  2. If you’ve just finished a vigorous physical activity, you should take some rest and return your breathing to a normal level before taking the reading.

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In case you own a Pixel phone, update the Google Fit on the same to benefit from these features.

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