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Playing PlayStation Portable Games on Computer



PlayStation Portable Games

Old PlayStation Portable games are the best thing that happened to our childhood in the 90s and 2000s. However, these legendary games are different from contemporary video games in many aspects. Technology keeps evolving, making it difficult to play old video games on the current devices. However, there are tricks you can use to play PSP games on your computer without difficulty. 

Please note that emulators used to play old PSP games on a computer can also be used to play modern games. 

Additionally, emulators such as PPSSPP are compatible with various gaming devices such as Windows, Mac OS, Blackberry, Android, and more. Here are ways you can play PSP games on your computer.

Create Enough Hard Drive Space

Although most PSP games use a little more than 5 GB of space on your PC, you need to free at least 10GB of disc space. But before you rush to delete items, start by checking your hard drive’s space as follows.

  1. Press the ‘Start’ button on your PC
  2. Go to ‘My PC’ and clicks
  3. View hard drive space

If the drive’s free space is less than 5G, proceed to delete items you don’t need at that moment such as games, videos, etc. alternatively, you can copy some items on an external drive. Freeing space on your hard drive ROM also makes your computer load games faster.

Downloading PPSSPP for Windows

If your PC is operating on Windows, PPSSPP is the best emulator to help you play any PSP game. Having free space on the hard drive, you can now proceed to download PPSSPP. Ensure you download the emulator from its official website for safety reasons. You can also choose to download the simpler installer version or the zip version. Either way, ensure you go for the latest build because it will guarantee a smooth gaming experience compared to the older versions. 

Installing PPSSPP on Windows

As mentioned earlier, you can download the zip version or the installer version for your Windows computer. But before installing the emulator, let us look at the requirements your PC should meet. These include some additional software requirements needed on PC. They include:

  • File extractor
  • C++ Microsoft Visual
  • At least 5GB hard drive space
  • Microsoft DirectX
  • Working DLL files

If your PC has all these features, you can proceed to install the emulator as follows:

  1. Start by extracting the file from the zip folder. Select the file folder and right-click to extract it.
  2. Choose a destination for the extracted file on your desktop and drag it there
  3. Open the extracted files and select ‘PPSSPP Windows’.
  4. To be able to install it, you need to start by getting PlayStation portable ROMs for your PC. 
  • Go to PlayStation official website and search for the game you want
  • Proceed to the download page and click ‘Direct Download.’ 
  • Extract the file once the download is complete and choose a destination on the desktop
  • Open the folder and right-click to open
  1. Go back to the PPSSPP folder right-click
  2. Select ‘Run as Administrator.’
  3. Connect PlayStation or XBOX controller if you have one
  4. Click ‘Load’ to show the game on the computer screen and start playing 

Mapping Keyboard Controllers on PPSSPP

Note that your keyboard may not work properly with PPSSPP but you can easily fix the issue. All you need is to press the Esc button to retrieve the menu. Select ‘Game Settings’ and then ‘Control Mapping.’ Make the keyboard interact with the game by configuring individual keys. Once you’re satisfied with the mapping, press Esc again and proceed to play. 

Note that the emulator may fail to work properly if you don’t ‘Run as Administrator. If you’re unable to play, close it and open again and ‘Run as Administrator.’ 


Gamers whose PlayStation has spoiled can now enjoy PSP games on their PC, thanks to emulators such as PPSSPP. With a RAM of at least 2GB, you can convert your computer into a monster PlayStation using the guide above. The only thing you need to worry about is of the emulator you’re downloading because not all versions will work. However, that little problem can easily be solved by ensuring you download the latest version from the emulator’s official website. 

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