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PlayStation 5 Faceplates Coming to India, to Be Amazon India Exclusive



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  • PlayStation 5 faceplates could launch soon in India.
  • The faceplate’s minimum price is tipped to be Rs. 3,999.
  • These faceplates are available in Black, Pink, Purple, Blue, and Cosmic Red colors.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 faced quite a few availability issues ever since its release. Now, however, the console goes on sale almost every month in India. Amidst the stable PS5 sales, Sony appears to have decided to bring the PS5’s faceplates to the Indian market. But don’t expect readily available stocks, as similar to the console, the faceplates will come in limited stocks in India.

A faceplate is basically the outer shell of the PS5 console that comes in different colors. The PlayStation 5 comes in only the White color variant in India, but with a faceplate, you can change your PS5’s color. These faceplates are available in Black, Pink, Purple, Blue, and Cosmic Red colors. The faceplate’s minimum price is tipped to be Rs. 3,999. Sony is yet to confirm the availability of the faceplates, but we can expect that to happen soon. If an educated guess is to be made, we expect the faceplates to be available at the next PlayStation 5 restock.

PlayStation 5 Faceplates: Features

The Sony PS5 Faceplates come in black, blue, purple, red, and pink colours. Its galaxy-inspired colour palette will be a cool way to customise your PS5. Sony’s console cover offerings came in the wake of last year’s DBrand Saga. For those in the dark, Sony had threatened legal action against various third-party companies that sold black faceplates for the PlayStation.

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Sony forced DBrand to remove its faceplates from the market. Meanwhile, there are quite a few rumours about the new PS5 Pro console. It is speculated that the Pro version could launch in 2023 or 2024. The console will reportedly feature native 8K support. Additionally, it could offer gameplay at 120 FPS at a resolution of 2160p. Furthermore, an analyst says that these faceplates will be Amazon exclusive. There is no information on the release of these faceplates as of now, however, it is claimed that they may be listed at Sony Center website ShopAtSC and may release alongside the next PS5 restock.

If you are excited about the faceplates and want to buy one for your PS5, you need to be quick as the stocks are said to be limited.

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