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Pokemon on Pebble? Pebblemon Brings a Clone of the Classic Game to Your Smartwatch



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  • Pebblemon uses a graphics library they created that replicates Pokémon.
  • If you own a Pebble smartwatch and would like to try Pebblemon, you can download it from
  • Pebbelmon using the buttons on your Pebble smartwatch, just like Pokemon.

Pokemon, Nintendo’s iconic game series, made its debut in Japan almost two and a half decades ago. It only took a few years for the game to gain immense popularity not only in the United States but in several other countries as well. Pebblemon brings authentic Pokemon gameplay, complete with over 250 monsters to capture.

The Pebble has been my favorite smartwatch for over a year, despite more advanced contenders. When other smartwatches can last few hours on a charge? The Pebble always had that appeal; it was more of a regular watch than most smartwatches and didn’t have to be charged every day.

For those interested, the game is available through Rebble, a fan-run platform that has kept the Pebble dream alive for the last few years. It’s worth noting that Pebblemon is only able to run on the Pebble Time, Pebble 2, and Pebble Time Round and not the first-generation Pebble.

According to the game’s developer, Harrison Allen:

“Pebblemon uses a graphics library they created that replicates Pokémon Yellow, which was the first version of the popular game series to take advantage of the Game Boy Colour’s limited color palette. It is a smaller version of the original game featuring “various areas within the Johto region” but players will still “Encounter all 251 Pokemon from the Game Boy Color games” and will still be able to find items to help them out during gameplay”.

Eric Migicovsky, the founder of Pebble, posted a video on Twitter that shows Pebblemon running on a Pebble smartwatch with tremendous ease and no technical glitches. 5 years have gone and developers are still building new game engines and beautiful games like Pebblemon for Pebble. The 31-second clip shows a man completing a stage with the help of two buttons on the right side of the smartwatch.

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