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Pokemon Unite crosses 25 million downloads on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android



Pokemon Unite beta is now live on the Google Play Store


  • Pokemon Unite crosses 25 million downloads on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.
  • The game was first unveiled in June 2020 during the Pokémon Present digital event.
  • Pokemon Unite is available to download for the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

The Nintendo Switch edition of Pokemon Unite has reached a significant milestone. Since its release on July 21, 2021, the game has been downloaded over 25 million times. The mobile version of the game was launched on September 22 in 73 countries and managed to gain the number 1 spot in the free game charts in 65 countries and regions in just 2 hours of the launch. To celebrate this milestone, every player in the game will receive 2,000 Aeos tickets

Pokémon Unite is a multiplayer online battle arena game with matches consisting of two teams of five players. The game map is split into two halves, with multiple control points each. Players score points for their team by defeating non-player character “wild” Pokémon and moving towards one of the control points. However, if the player gets hit by an attack while scoring, they will be interrupted, and must try again.

Players can also collect Aeos Energy from wild Pokemon and try to score goals on their opponent’s side. While the game is missing several features from traditional Pokemon games, it’s still a fun blend of MOBA-style tactics and classic Pokemon. While the game is free-to-play, players have to purchase Unite Licenses from the in-game store in order to use those Pokemon in matches. Unite Licenses can be purchase using Aeos Coins, an in-game currency earned by playing matches, or using a premium currency purchased with real-world money.

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How Do You Play Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Unite is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game with optional in-game downloads. The objective of the game is to increase your points by collecting wild Pokemon. You can also join a team of five people to battle it out with another team and earn more points.

To add more value to players, the smartphone version of Pokemon Unite offers additional features. For starters, trainers can team up with squad mates to battle, and can also expect new battle passes,  a bunch of themed events, and new content. There is also a limited spectator mode with additional language support. Moreover, you’ll get to see a second battle pass with new cosmetic items like Holowear.

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