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PS Plus free PS5 and PS4 games for January 2022: Dirt 5 and more



PS Plus


  • PlayStation Plus free games for January 2022 are revealed.
  • PS Plus subscribers can snag three free games next month.
  • The Sony PlayStation Plus free games in January 2022 are Dirt 5, Persona 5 Strikers, and Deep Rock Galactic.

Every month, PS Plus subscribers get a new collection of free games. Like the previous list of PS Plus free games that were leaked online, the PS Plus free games for January 2022 have surfaced online. These games will be confirmed by PS Plus on December 29, 2021, and will be available to Ps Plus subscribers on January 4, 2022. The Sony PlayStation Plus free games in January 2022 are Dirt 5, Persona 5 Strikers, and Deep Rock Galactic.

Dirt 5

It is a survival action game designed to play with friends. The game is available on both PS4 and PS5. Multiplayer Feature makes the game more powerful and fresh. You will get new items, weapons, and new areas you don’t see with the first edition. The Secret areas and the intensity of mobs are challenging, but it is also very rewarding. If you a fan of challenging yourself to play better, this is a great game for you.

The graphics are best if you compare them with other games. The characters are super polished and gorgeous. The music will make you happy, emotional, intense. The battle system is fantastic as it’s one of the strongest parts of the game.

Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic is a four-player cooperative shooter in which players take on the role of cranky space dwarves employed by an intergalactic mining company. Their mission: explore mineral-rich asteroids for bounty while trying to survive waves of angry extraterrestrials.

It is a virtual reality first-person shooter video game developed by Impulse Gear and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. You will be really strategic by stoping the game to think about your moves. So If u can’t understand that, You’ll never be able to “feel” how fantastic this game is.

Persona 5 Strikers.

It is an action role-playing game that was developed by Omega Force & P-Studio and was published by Sega. The game was first launched for Nintendo Switch back in February 2020. Currently, it is available for Switch, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows.

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