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PS5 Could Let You Use A Banana As Your Controller



Sony Diwali offers


  • Sony has recently filed a patent for a new controller device.
  • The patent is actually for a method that turns a “non-luminous passive object being held by a user” into a controller.
  • The application shows a versatile system that could let a banana become your game controller.
  • It’s just a patent filing, so this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will get 100% results.

In a recently filed patent application, Sony Interactive Entertainment submitted a system that could potentially use a banana as a PS5 controller.

It describes Sony’s intention to potentially allow any “passive non-luminous objects” such as bananas, oranges, pens, and even coffee mugs to replace your PlayStation’s DualSense controller.

How to Use Living Object as controller??

  1. According to the report, an “input unit” would first obtain images of an object being held by a user as a video game controller.
  2. A game will be trained to recognize objects as controllers by using new technology which is under process.
  3. A camera gets images of the items in users’ hands and tracks the items based on pixels and colors in the images rather than QR codes.

Sony said that it “would be desirable if a user could use an inexpensive, simple, and non-electronic device as a video game peripheral.”

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The application also includes a number of illustrations that describe- how players can use a banana as a controller, or an orange, or even dual-wielding two bananas like guns.

Our Review:

It’s important to note that not all patents become real products.

Sony is no stranger to experimenting with game controllers. The new DualSense’s adaptive triggers are very unique, offering different levels of experience to users.

PS5 controller

If this experiment is successful, the user will not require to pay for the extra controller to play with their friends.

Currently, there is not much evidence that the patent will actually follow the shape and form of a Sony PlayStation product, but users hope that one day they can play games using living objects as the controller.

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