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PS5 Share Play Feature: How to play PS5 games with friends



PS5 Share Play Feature


  • You can play multiplayer PS5 games with friends who do not own the games using the new Share Play feature of the PlayStation 5.
  • Playing multiplayer games on the internet is a fairly new trend.
  • All you need to use this feature is a PS5 and a fast internet connection.

Hi Readers!! There Is good news for all the game lovers is that now you can play PS5 games along with friends using the Share play feature.

Earlier you would require to be together to play co-op multiplayer games. However, now you and your friends can simply turn on your own game consoles and PCs at your own houses and start playing games together.

Sony with its new PlayStation 5 has a new feature called ‘Share Play’. This feature allows your friends to watch you play, take over your character and or play a multiplayer match with you.

PS5 Share Play Feature: How to use it??

Step By Step Guide:

  • Click on the PS button on your PS5 controller and select Game Base.
  • Tap on the square button to create a party.
  • Select the friend you want to join you.
  • Now select ‘Voice Chat’ and tap on Join.
  • You can select to share screen or share play.
  • This will send a notification to your friend to join.
  • The session will automatically end after 60 minutes.

PS5 Share Play Feature: Requirements

You need PS5 and a fast internet connection to use this feature. Sony recommends at least 5Mbps upload speed for best results, and the minimum requirements stand at 2Mbps.

You will need a PlayStation Plus account. If you want to play multiplayer together, you will both need a PlayStation Plus account, as is a requirement for multiplayer on PlayStation consoles.

Both people will also need to be friends on PSN, so add them immediately.

 Limitations of Share play Feature

There are also a few limitations to the Share Play experience which require improvement by game developers.

  1. Share Play sessions end after one hour, though you can always start a new session to keep playing.
  2. All games do not support this feature.
  3. Your friend also can’t take screenshots while they play like you or use Remote Play on another device.

Thanks For Reading!!

Are you Interested to use the Share play Feature to play with your friends? Share your Valuable feedback in the Comment Section below.

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