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PS7 Release date, price, features and everything we know so far



PS7 Release date

These days, Gaming Consoles are popular products among the Young generation who love to spend hours playing their favorite video games. People are so crazy about Gaming Consoles that they don’t mind spending on upgraded versions of Console for better features and high-quality games. Among all the consoles available, Sony PS5 is the best device that provides great features. Now players are interested to know the release date of PS7.

To satisfy their customers, producers are working diligently. Sony has already filed the trademarks for PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, and PS10. So one thing is quite sure Sony will be going to release PlayStation 6 and PlayStation 7 in the market soon. Sony used to file the trademarks of its upcoming products to ensure that no one copies the product name.

Today this detailed guide will give you an insight into the PS7 release date, price, features, and everything that you really want to know.

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Sony PlayStation 7 (PS7)

Sony PlayStation 7 is an upcoming gaming console by Sony that is going to arrive with many advanced features. It is an eleventh-generation gaming console that will be be released the year 2033. It is going to give great competition to the Xbox Ultimate. The Playstation 7 was unveiled in E3 2022 and 2023 with the slogan “The next-gen is now.”

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The production of the PS7 will begin in the year 2023. There are speculations that PlayStation 7 will sell over 5.2 million units at launch.

PS7 Release Date

Gamers are really excited to know when PS7 will arrive on the market. Well, if we look at the past trends of the PlayStations, we found that every new PlayStation came out in 7 years. PlayStation 5 got released in the year 2020. If it follows their trend, PS6 will come out in 2027. So the PS7 release date should be 2034.

However, selling a single product for seven years does not make sense in terms of the business. To fill the gap between PS4 and PS5, Sony released its pro version i.e. PS4 Pro. This time, the Company clears that there will be no Pro version of the PS5 model. But Sony will not gonna compromise its sale. So there is a great possibility that PS6 will arrive in the year 2023.

Sony finally make up its mind to ditch the 7-year trend and will follow a 3 or 4 years upgrade plan. So players will be able to experience PS7 somewhere in 2028. However, these are speculated dates; as soon as an Official date is out, we will update it here.

PS7 Features, and Specifications

There are speculations that PlayStation 7 will arrive with 8K resolution, Bluetooth, 144Hz refresh rate, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and.Smart Cable. With the help of this controller, four players can play together at a time. It enabled backward compatibility for all Playstation consoles.

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Some predicted features of PS7 are as follows:

Completely new Look

Players are not happy with the complicate designing of PS5. The console undoubtedly looks damn beautiful. However, gaming setups are a very tedious task. For beginners, a PS5 setup is completely a headache. So it is quite obvious that the future consoles will be simple in design and easy to use.

Easy to Carry

The size of the upcoming console is so compact that you can carry it easily in your pocket.

Digital Only

PS7 is going to be the first ever digital-only Playstation by Sony. Up to now, PlayStation models arrives in Digital, CD, and Disk versions. However, the Company is now planning to ditch its disk version. Hopefully, with the release of PS7, the console will provide a digital version only.

Adoption of Game Streaming Subscription Service

Game Streaming is a relatively new but trending concept. There are chances that Sony will go with the trend and update its upcoming consoles with this technology. Adopting this technology has many benefits:

  • The Company does not need to update its Consoles frequently.
  • Subscription Income will lead to constant revenue

So adopting this technology is beneficial for the Company

More details about PS7

Product Type PlayStation
Brand Sony
Model PlayStation 7 (PS7)
Status Rumored
Maximum Graphic Quality 4K, 120Hz refresh rate
Connectivity Bluetooth, Wifi, Ethernet, Smart Cable
Players 4
Number Of Controllers Included 1
Warranty 90 Days
Dimension 16.82 x 4.02 x 13.9
Weight 4.6 lbs

PS7 Expected Price

What could be the price of the PS7, it is the most asked question on the Internet. Well, the price of any gadget completely depends on the market at the time of the launch. So it is too early to predict the price of the upcoming Console.

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Right now, many things are quite unsure. It includes whether Sony releases another console just like PS5, or diverts towards Game Streaming. If Sony chooses to go with Game Streaming, then the price of the PS7 will go down as compared to PS5. However, there are rumors in the mill that PS7 will arrive at a range of $550. However, it is quite uncertain. The actual price range will be revealed close to the launch date.

Final Words

That’s all you need to know about the PS7 release date. To boost their sales, Sony is working on Frequent launches of upcoming Consoles. There was a time when Sony Gaming Consoles are ruling the Gaming world. However, with the arrival of powerful devices in the market, the competition rises. So Sony needs to bring the upgraded consoles into the market to stay in the lead. I hope you will find this post really helpful, and informative. Keep sharing this post with your friends too.

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