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PUBG Mobile: Carnage ESports Won the Spring Split 2021 Nepal



PUBG Mobile Lite Season 27

After five days of the PUBG Mobile Club Open — PMCO, this year’s Spring Split 2021 Finals for Nepal ended this week. Following the exhilarating action from the final day of the event, the team that dominated Nepal’s PUBG scene was none other than Carnage Esports. The team performed quite strong right off the bat, conquering the event from the Group Stages of PMCO. Other than that, the top emerging teams to qualify for the South Asia’s PUBG Mobile Pro League will be determined soon following the split.

Taking a look at Carnage Esports, the team performed flawlessly. They presented unparalleled skills and game sense in the entire event, by scoring five Winner Winner Chicken Dinners out of the 20 matches played in the Grand Finals. Moreover, the team had accumulated 112 kills and a total of roughly 259 points. The runner-ups for the PMCO was the PN Crew, who also displayed the consistency in their performance. Although the margin may seem huge, PN Crew bagged 95 kills, along with 202 points. Lastly, the team to rank third in the tournament was GRxHighVoltage, securing 74 kills and 181 points in the event.

PMCO Spring Split Finals 2021 Summary

PMCO Spring Split 2021 prize pool of $1.6 million announced, check out details

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The fifth and final day of PMCO Spring kicked off with a match in the classic Erangel. The highly-skilled Elementrix Team won the game by bagging the first chicken dinner under their belt, while scoring eight kills in that match. The second spot went to Team Cops with a total of seven frags, followed by the third-place going to PWP Esports with 11 kills.

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The next two matches were played on Sanhok and Miramar, with the teams Trust D Process and Elementrix winning the scoring the ‘W’ with 6 and eleven kills respectively. Moving on to the final match, Elementrix made a huge comeback into the event by clearly showing their full potential and quickly leaping above other teams, securing the 4th position on the leaderboards.

The final map for the day was once again Erangel, with Trust D Process making the breakthrough and winning the match with eight kills under their belt. Ruthless Aggressive Warriors came a close second with a whopping 12 frags, followed by VIBES Esports claiming the third spot with a total of 9 kills.

The match turned out to be quite the upset for Team Elementrix and its supporters, especially with the massive comeback they made that day. The team fell short when it came to qualifying for the PMPL, getting defeated super early in the match. But, with the defeat of Elementrix, GRxHighVoltage pressed forward by retaining the 3rd spot in the leaderboard after securing the fourth position in the final match.

Teams moving onto PUBG MPL South Asia

  1. Carnage Esports
  2. PN Crew
  3. GRxHigh Voltage

The above-mentioned qualifying teams will next be competing against teams from other South Asian countries, such as Pakistan and Bangladesh, to participate in the PMPL: South Asia Season 3.

Prizepool for PMCO Nepal Participants

  • 1st Place — Carnage Sports: $3900
  • 2nd Place — PN Crew: $2300
  • 3rd Place — GRxHighVoltage: $1900
  • 4th Place — Elementrix: $1600
  • 5th Place — Ruthless Aggressive Warriors: $1450
  • 6th Place — JyanMaara: $1400
  • 7th Place — VIBES Esports: $1350
  • 8th Place — Team Cops: $1300
  • 9th Place — Trust D Process: $1250
  • 10th Place — PWP Esports: $1200
  • 11th Place — Dream Hackers: $1150
  • 12th Place — IEkta Esports: $1150
  • 13th Place — KWIN Esports: $1150
  • 14th Place — Hype: $1100
  • 15th Place — Harame: $1100
  • 16th Place — H20 Esports $1100
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Nevertheless, the PUBG competitive scene will only get better and more intense from here on out. With the likes of Carnage Sports dominating Nepal’s PMCO Spring Splits, it will certainly be a thrill to watch the team fare against other regions from South Asia. Therefore, if you’re still not a part of the PUBG Mobile community, why not join now? The game continues to be possibly the most-played title on smartphones, and is absolutely fun to play. And if that interests you, you should definitely go ahead and check out some sweet game deals at GameCamp. They’ve got you covered with all the game keys, passes and gift cards you’d ever need!


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