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PUBG Mobile is in tie up with Airtel | A try to make comeback in India



PUBG Mobile is in tie up with Airtel

Is PUBG Mobile back in India?


  • Firm’s effort to bring back PUBG Mobile in India again.
  • Tie up with Airtel Telecom.

PUBG Mobile was banned in India on September 2 along with 117 other apps. This ban is precipitated due to tensions between India and China on the border. This game got downloaded by millions of Gamers during the months of June, July, and August. Now, gamers are looking for its alternative.

After the ban in India, the firm faces a major loss. India constitutes 185.5 million, or 24%, of PUBG Mobile’s total downloads, which is the highest in the world.  PUBG Mobile downloads declined 26% globally in the month of September, according to Sensor Tower data.

The firm is trying hard to bring PUBG Mobile back in India. According to the source, PUBG Mobile is in talks with the telecom giant Airtel for the rights of distribution in India.

PUBG is in an early conversation with Airtel for handing over distribution rights to the telecom giant. This desperation shows that PUBG has been trying hard to get back into the Indian market,” said one of the sources on condition of anonymity to the website. “The gaming platform is also busy raising a lean team in India. It has been interviewing candidates with experience of under 4 to 6 years,” stated the report.

However, neither Airtel nor PUBG Mobile firm made any Official Announcement about its tie-up.

Tensions on the border of China and India is still on the high note. PUBG Mobile is ready to pull out its relationship with Tencent in order to make come back to Indian Market.

However, it is still not sure whether PUBG Mobile will succeed in its plan to make a return to the Indian Market. We have to wait a little more for any Official Announcement.

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