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PUBG Mobile Lite Season 24 Winner Pass – List of All Free WP Rewards



PUBG Mobile Lite Season 27


  • PUBG game developers launch another global update with new features.
  • The Winner Pass Season 24 ends on May 30th, 2021.
  • PUBG Mobile Lite is exclusively made for low-end devices which can’t support the global version of PUBG Mobile.

The Winner Pass is one of the best ways to acquire cosmetic items, including sets, emotes, skins, and more, in PUBG Mobile Lite. The Season 24 Winner Pass has commenced and brought in a new set of rewards. PUBG gained a massive userbase from across the globe and there are tons of cosmetics, gears, costumes, and much more to look cool.

There are two different variants of the Winner Pass available in PUBG Mobile Lite – the Elite Upgrade and therefore the Elite Upgrade Plus. Players are going to be ready to purchase them for 280 and 800 BC, respectively.

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 24: How To Upgrade Winner Pass?

Follow the steps below to urge your hands on the upcoming Winner Pass in Season 24.

  • Open the PUBG Mobile Lite application and click on on the WP option.
  • As the window proceeds, click on the upgrade option on the screen.
  • Select the royale pass as per your requirements and ensure the acquisition of the item.
  • Once you’re through with the payment, a Winner Pass will reflect in your account.

The Winner Pass brings many rewards that players will be thrilled to get. Players cannot access the Season 24 Winner Pass after 30th May 2021.

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Season 24 Winner Pass (WP) in PUBG Mobile Lite offers the following rewards for free:

1. WP Rank 1: 500 BP

2. WP Rank 1: 50 Silver

3. WP Rank 3: 2x EXP Card: 1-Hour

4. WP Rank 5: Ghost Guardian Sombrero

5. WP Rank 7: 2x BP Card: 1-Hour

6. WP Rank 9: 65 Silver

7. WP Rank 10: Mission Card (Season 24)

8. WP Rank 12: Ghost Guardian Mask

9. WP Rank 14: 2x EXP Card

10. WP Rank 15: Scarlet Beast Parachute

11. WP Rank 17: 120 Silver

Players have the choice of accessing more attractive rewards by upgrading their Winner Pass in PUBG Mobile Lite. They can either go for the Elite Upgrade or Elite Upgrade Plus option.

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