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PUBG New State Celebrates 100th Day Anniversary with New Rewards; Details Here!



PUBG new state

PUBG New State has finally hit its 100th day of existence and Krafton surely has several exciting things for their players. To celebrate the 100th Day Anniversary of the game, Krafton has rolled out an exciting event and multiple rewards. The special in-game event has already gone live since yesterday. It will go on till February 25, 2022.

A special 100-day bonus login event is also being held between February 18th and 20th. Players will receive multiple rewards in their in-game mailbox by simply logging in. Additionally, players can also get their hands on the new Survivor Pass Vol. 4 featuring Mayhem’s Doug Bikeway. New guns introduced this month include the 9mm SMG – the MP5K and the silent but deadly Crossbow.

Here’s a complete rundown of the challenges:

100th Day Challenge 1

In the first challenge, 50 players will be randomly selected from the people who win Team Deathmatch mode from February 18 to February 24, 2022.

100th Day Challenge 2

50 players who are part of a clan who play the most Round Deathmatch mode games in the PUBG New States are randomly selected to win rewards. It will go on till February 24, 2022. The winners will get 100 chicken medals and will be announced on March 3rd

Additionally, there is another emotes event, which will also go on until February 25. For this,

  • Take a screenshot or video of your character by dancing with various emotes
  • Upload it to your social media handle on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with hashtags – #NewState100Day and #NEWSTATEMOBILE
  • Submit your details via MS Form

Krafton has recently added a new BR: Extreme Mode to the New State Mobile game where the game features 64 players and the gameplay will last for 20 minutes. Gamers will be dropped into the Troi map with a smoke grenade, a P1911 handgun, fully charged boost meters, and 300 drone credits. Players must battle other players with speed matches which may grant double tier points.

The first event will grant three BP Random Boxes to the players who log in to the game for at least four days in a row, and four Royale Chest Tickets to players who play BR: Extreme mode three times daily in four days a row. The second event will further grant three Frozen Wonderland Crate Tickets to players who play BR: Extreme 12 times before February 25, while gamers who will win ‘Chicken Dinner in BR: Extreme’ will get five Chicken Medals, as stated by the Krafton.

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