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PUBG New State crosses 10 million pre-registrations on Google Play Store



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  • PUBG New State has gained 10 million pre-registrations on Google Play Store since its launch.
  • PUBG New State is essentially a successor to the original PUBG Mobile game and is set in 2051.
  • The game is likely to open for Alpha testing in the next few months.

PUBG developers have announced that PUBG New State has hit 10 million pre-registrations on the Google Play Store. It was available for pre-registration starting February 25, 2021. This massive interest in Krafton’s new title has not been shocking given the track record and success of its prequel, PUBG Mobile.

According to an official blog post by Krafton, over 170 countries around the world participated in the advance pre-registration. Southeast Asia (22.6%) had the highest share, followed by America (19.3%), the Middle East (15.1%), Europe (15%), and East Asia (13.2%).

The upcoming PUBG New State game will be set in a dystopian 2051where “anarchy rules as numerous factions battle each other.” The gameplay will include much more tools and features compared to its predecessors like drones, combat rolls, and more.

The PUBG New State Head in a Twitter post said:

“We’re happy to report that we’ve hit over 10 MILLION PUBG NEW STATE pre-registrations on GooglePlay. We’re humble by the community’s overwhelming response and can’t wait to share our new battlegrounds experience with you later in 2021.”

The company has also announced that it will host alpha tests for PUBG New State later this year. The alpha testing kicks off from Q2 of 2021 in limited regions. Select players will get the opportunity to play the upcoming battle royale ahead of its official release. Currently, there is no word on the alpha testing of the game in India.

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PUBG: New State is claimed to bring ultra-realistic graphics and dynamic gunplay. It is compatible with Android phones running 6.0 OS and higher. PUBG: New State can have “100 survivors face off until only one player or team remains.” This is similar to the original PUBG Mobile.

The gameplay will have an 8×8 map and multiple weapon options for combat. Like PUBG Mobile, the new version will also include multiple weapon options for combat.

Take note, the game is not available for pre-registration in India and might not even launch in the country, due to the ban implemented by the Indian government on PUBG Mobile.

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