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PureVPN Not Working with Netflix – Try These 7 Quick Fixes



PureVPN Not Working with Netflix

Is PureVPN not working with Netflix? Read out the post to fix this issue in few moments.

As we all are aware that Netflix is one of the most popular OTT platforms. But it has different views at different locations. For illustration, if you are surfing Netflix in the US and one person is surfing it from India or somewhere else, then their lookout and feel will be different. In fact, the content offered in different zones also varies.

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Best Ways to Fix PureVPN not working with Netflix

Netflix has different catalogs for different countries. So, in order to access the whole content or international libraries of Netflix without any boundaries of entertainment, many people or streamers use to watch Netflix using a VPN. And PureVPN is an ultimate choice for many users like that. PureVPN is a completely reliable and risk-free platform that also comes with 31-days money-back guarantee.

But nobody is perfect, right? As many people have reported that PureVPN is not working with Netflix properly. So, if you have already subscribed to PureVPN, then you don’t have to be panic as we are going to discuss here the best and tested methods to fix this issue. So keep scrolling and discover everything here !!

#1 Go with Another Server

Well, if you are using PureVPN for a long time, but suddenly it started giving issues, then you should also try out with another server. Because actually what happens is that sometimes VPN becomes overloaded on a particular server. So there are no worries about that. All you have to do is to change your server, as there are multiple server options nowadays, so you can switch to anyone.  Most probably this will resolve this issue if the issue is only about overloading of the server. Because of many times, a server usually stops working and suddenly drops everything and takes a break. So let him take his break, meanwhile, we can switch to another server to have break-free services.

So, all you have to do is to disconnect the server which is causing the issue and pick another server without giving it much thought.

#2 Moderate the VPN protocol

  • Well, another way is to reset your VPN protocols settings.
  • For this, you need to follow the steps given below :
  • Initially start PureVPN.
  • Then go to its preferences tab.
  • After this,  move to the settings of the app.
  • Here open the protocol chosen from the drop-down list.
  • Now pick any other protocol from the list.

Moreover,  as you know PureVPN can be set to an automatic mode that definitely works great but sometimes it causes issues as well. So you are always advised to use OpenVPN that works on User Datagram protocol since it is much more faster and efficient for streaming than others.

It offers multiple modes like –

  • Stream
  • Internet Freedom
  • Security/Privacy
  • File-Sharing
  • Dedicated IP

Here, StreamVPN mode is recommended as it always causes fewer issues as compared to others.

#3 Clear Your Web Browser’s Cache

Sometimes it might be an issue with your web browser. That may stop you from accessing Netflix. Browser cache could be the reason for that. So if PureVPN not working with Netflix issue persists even after applying the above two methods, then you must clear your browser cache first.  Because it may happen that your media streaming service may have access to your locally stored files so, when it seems that you are using VPN, it may restrict your access.

So, clear your browser cache first, and then try again accessing Netflix with PureVPN. Hopefully, it will work !!

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For this, follow the steps given below :

  • Go to Chrome browser.
  • Move to the settings tab under more.
  • Now a drop-down menu will appear, pick the Privacy and Security option from it.
  • After that, hit enter on the clear browsing data button.
  • Don’t forget to select cookies, caches images, and files.
  • Now hit enter on clear data after selecting desired ones.
  • After this, restart your chrome.
  • Here, now make a connection with the PureVPN server.

Start accessing Netflix and check whether this fix is working with it or not?

#4 Get an update of the latest version of PureVPN

Well, as we all know that many times older versions of the app or VPN get out of support, so here to resolve the issue of “PureVPN not working with Netflix”, you should get an update of PureVPN.

For this, follow the steps given below :

  • Initially go to PureVPN’s website.
  • Then, navigate to My account options.
  • Under the Myaccount option, you will find the Members login option at the top right corner.
  • Here enter your login credentials and hit enter on login.
  • After this, go to apps on the left-hand side of the Downloads option.
  • Start downloading the latest version of PureVPN from your dashboard.
  • Re-install PureVPN now.
  • Try to reconnect VPN and check whether Netflix has started working on it or not.

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#5 Try Netflix without a VPN :

Many times, it happens that Netflix might not process login requests that are coming from VPN users, so ditch it by logging in with Netflix without VPN and then turn on your VPN quickly.

Follow the steps given below to resolve PureVPN Not Working with Netflix issue :

  • For this, initially make a log out from your Netflix account.
  • Also, make it disconnect from the PureVPN server.
  • Try to login back into your Netflix account.
  • After logging in successfully, reconnect to the PureVPN server quickly.

Hopefully, this method will work out for you as many times, NetFlix protocols just reject any request where it finds the active usage of VPN in your logs. So always keep your cache clean or follow zero-logging policies.

#6 Try to use Public DNS

Many times, DNS also causes issues as many DNS also have been restricted. So restricted VPNs can cause connectivity issues.

So here you are recommended to use Google Public DNS as it is a free alternative and is easy to use as well.

  • Initially, make a right-click on the Start menu.
  • Now choose Network Connections here.
  • Now, hit enter on the Change adapter options button.
  • Then select default Internet connection.
  • Here go to properties of it from the context menu.
  • Moreover, pick Internet Protocol Version 4.
  • After this, go to Properties.
  • Now go towards Use the following DNS server addresses radio button.
  • Here quickly types and in the Preferred and Alternate fields.
  • After this, click on the Ok button.
  • Close the window of properties.

#7 Check for a Possible Software Conflict

The other possible reason should be Software conflict for PureVPN not working with the Netflix issue. This usually gets conflicted with cybersecurity tools like antivirus apps, firewalls, etc. Such apps may also create issues and may block VPNs since they re-route your Web data, falsely identifying them as malicious.

So, in case you are still facing the same issue after applying all the fixes, we have mentioned here then chances are very high that You may have any cybersecurity tools activated on your device. So here we advise you to disable it on a temporary basis. After doing this, now try again to reconnect to PureVPN and start accessing Netflix.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned fixes are all tried and tested. So try out these methods to solve the “PureVPN Not Working with Netflix” issue. If it is still not working even after applying all these fixes then you should try it with some other VPN.

So, try out these methods, do let us know which method worked for you.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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