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Quick Ways To Fix Minecraft Crashing Issue On Android



Quick Ways To Fix Minecraft Crashing Issue On Android

Minecraft Pocket Edition causing some problems for Android users. If you are also sailing in the same boat, you are lucky to land here. Today I am going to share Quick Ways To Fix Minecraft Crashing Issue On Android. Minecraft is a building blocks game where you can find infinite possibilities to explore the world and create your own empire. Irrespective of the age, Minecraft brings fun to all age group of people. Crashing down of game make disappoint user or lower done user experience. So, it is very necessary to Understand this sudden shatter problem and their respective solutions.

Remember, The error can occur anytime and it’ is the part of software like games. The error can occur due to player side issues as well as server-side issues. We are here going to discuss each and everything up to the extent that you would find this article beneficial.  Scroll down to know more.

Before we start…

Before we head to discuss Ways To Fix Minecraft Crashing Issue On Android, I am going to share a few reasons behind crashing. The following are the reasons that may lead to Minecraft crashing issue.

  • Insufficient RAM
  • Outdated graphics card
  • Old video drivers
  • Bugs in-game itself.
  • Compatibility issues of the system with the game.

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Quick Ways To Fix Minecraft Crashing Issue On Android

Knowing the reasons behind, now sharing some quick ways to fix the issue. There is no one robust solution for this. but you can try the following methods on a hit and-trial basis.

Method 1: Restart your phone

This is the simple method you can try out. Simple restart your phone, launch the game again, and check if it’s working. A simple restart sometimes solves big problems. This may be due to sudden hang issues.

Method 2: Check settings

Enabling VBOs for your Minecraft PE edition may cause the crash as well. So follow the steps below to turn off VBO.

  • Open the game.
  • Go to settings.
  • Move to Video Settings.
  • You’ll see settings about VBOs at the bottom, then turn off VBOs.
  • Restart your phone and open your game again.

Good if it’s working, otherwise proceed to the next step.

Method 3: Clear app’s cache

Every device has a cache memory that stores recently used data and Retrieve that data in a lesser amount of time if accessed again by the user. So, sometimes cache gets filled with unwanted data and could be one of the reasons for crashing down the app. The following are the steps to clear app’s cache.

  • Open phone settings and head to apps.
  • Look for Minecraft there.
  • Choose Storage and Tap on Clear cache and Clear Data.

Method 4: update game patches

Game patches are the updations of the game with some bugs fixed. So, updating game patches is very necessary.

you would find and update option for game patches within the game only.

Method 5: Update game

Try updating the game and check whether the issue is being solved or not.

Go to google play store.

Search for Minecraft and press the update button if available.

Method 6:  Reinstall the game

Reinstalling the game consist of two processes, uninstall and then install.

So first you have to uninstall the Minecraft game and then again install it from google play store.

I hope this would solve the issue.

Method 7:  Free up Storage

Sometimes the updated game requires a little more storage space on your device and if you are packed with the storage, you may face game crashes. So it is better to remove not used apps from your device.

Moreover, your device RAM plays an important role. If your device has 2 GB RAM, then there will be a very less crashing problem you may face. But if device RAM is less than 1 GB, you may encounter the problem often.

Method 8: Check graphics settings

The crash down of the Minecraft game app may be due to high graphics. So check the settings and customize accordingly.

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Final words

Well folks this is all about how to fix Minecraft crashing issue. I hope you would like it.

Out of all the methods, some would definitely work for you!

Share your feedback. Thank you!

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