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Rage 3 Release Date, Plot and More



Rage 3

Looking forward to the Rage 3 release date? Welcome to the club, as most gamers are already in-line and curiously waiting for this much-anticipated sequel. But here the question arises, whether the third part of this game franchise will ever be launched.

While it’s been three years since the Rage 2 release, there’s still no confirmation of the third sequel. At the time of the Rage 2 release, Studio Director, Tim Willits, revealed that he would like to make the third sequel as early as possible. However, his ideology and announcement faded, leaving gamers disappointed.

So, will Rage 3 ever launch – has become the biggest question among this franchise lovers. If you are one of those individuals who are looking to the next part of the game, then you’ve landed at the rightmost place. Our experts have reviewed the current situation carefully and compiled every single detail about the game here.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling the page and find everything you are looking for.

What is Rage 3 Release Date?

Before any further ado, let’s first deal with your query about whether or not Rage 3 will release. The success of Rage 2 indicates that the next sequel of the game will come out, but there’s no specific date available for the same.

After the official release of Rage 2, Software Studio director Tim Willits announced that he is planning to release the game’s sequel. He also conveyed that he and his development team would start over Rage 3 as soon as possible, but then this announcement gets faded, thus leaving gamers confused.

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Studio Director Tim also spoke to Hollywood Reporter about this sequel and called the Rage 3 franchise a fun setting for every game development team. He also said, “Rage is a crazy, fun setting, and I hope we can make a third one as soon as possible.”

However, it’s already decided that the launch of Rage 3 will entirely depend on the second part’s success. The director and his team will only move toward this process if they find anything positive in Rage 2.

Since Rage 2 has performed well on all platforms, gamers might expect the release of Rage 3 soon. Every factor indicates that fans will likely enjoy the third part, but they must wait a long time for it. However, since there’s no confirmation, we can only consider it a rumor and speculation until now.

A Detailed Information about Rage 2

Before we jump into expecting the plot of Rage 3, let’s formally introduce Rage 2, on which the third sequel of the game finally depends. Released in 2019, Rage 2 is a first-person shooter video game. Avalanche Studios and id Software developed it.

Rage 2 was a sequel to the original and first game in the Franchise, Rage, released in 2011. While Rage was a massive hit in the gaming industry, Rage 2 received mixed reviews.  Gamers also speculate that the slow success of Rage 2 is the primary reason for delaying the sequel to the game, Rage 3. And that’s true to some extent.

Rage 3

Speaking of Rage 2 gameplay, it is a first-person shooter game where players assume control of a ranger named Walker. Gamers can change the look and feel of this ranger to add thrill to the game. In addition, players can also develop walker skills with Nanotrite-based powers.

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Rage 2 has always been famous among gamers for its interesting storyline. It’s all about a walker, the last surviving person in a world full of mutants and crazed bandits. The overall story of the game is about surviving and defending yourself against dangerous creatures. The game’s prologue begins in Walker’s home, Vineland, where he’ll be asked to take on the project called Project Dagger.

In addition to the Walker, four more characters play an integral role in the game. They are Lily, Loosum Hager, Dr. Kvasir, and Marshall. Developers ended the game with Walker promising to continue helping the Wasteland as the Last Ranger.

What Would be the Plot of Rage 3?

Since there’s no official confirmation of Rage 3, it’s pretty challenging to predict the plot of the game. The game developing team and Studio director haven’t spoken about anything about the game since the release of Rage 2. Hence, we cannot even predict or speculate the game plot yet.

However, we should not forget the ending of Rage 2, which might give a little hint of the Rage 3 plot. Rage 2 ended with Walking promising Lily to protect the Wasteland as a Last Ranger from mutants or other creatures trying to harm it.

So, we can predict lots of drama and adventure in the upcoming sequel, where Lily and Walker might play the major role. New characters will be added surely to add thrill and excitement to the game. But eventually, these are just speculations, as no official or close information is yet available to us.

Is the Slow Success of Rage 2 Causing the Delay of Rage 3?

This rumor has spread in the gaming community like wildfire that the slow growth and success of Rage 2 is the primary reason makers are delaying the development of Rage 3.

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Honestly speaking, it’s no secret that Rage 2 is one of the worth-playing games available on the internet. However, it lacks certain things, which might be the reason for its slow and steady growth compared to the original game.

This game was also discounted on all platforms, adding fumes to this rumor. Owing to this, makers decided to concentrate on their other projects, such as Doom Far Cry and Borderlands, before giving the green light to Rage 3.

Summing Up

So, there you have all the information about the Rage 3 release date. We hope our research will help you learn about the game’s updates. If we speak off the record, it’s too early to think about the third sequel, especially after checking their pattern.

Rage was released in 2011, and Rage 2 was launched in 2019 after 8 years. Hence, there’s no point in thinking about Rage 3 now, as makers will be expected to follow the exact pattern. We should give them time to re-think the exciting plot and new features to make the sequel more interesting than the rest of the franchise. Till then, you can enjoy Rage 2 to keep up your engagement.

Thanks for reading. Keep visiting the page for more updates!!

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