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Reddit starts rolling out TikTok-like video feed for iOS users




  • Reddit launches a TikTok-like video feed on iOS.
  • The users will get access to Dubsmash’s editing and short-form video creation tools.
  • Interaction options include upvoting and downvoting, along with commenting.

For iPhone users, Reddit has made some changes to its app and a video feed like the Tik-Tok is now available for iOS users. The success of ByteDance’s TikTok has prompted many social media companies to add short-video services to their platforms, with Snapchat rolling out Spotlight in November and Facebook launching Instagram Reels earlier this year. iOS users are seeing a new video button next to the search bar in the Reddit app. After tapping on it, short videos are shown to them. Reddit integrates Dubsmash’s innovative video creation tools into it.

In December, Reddit acquired short-form video sharing platform Dubsmash, becoming the latest company to expand in a space dominated by Chinese-owned TikTok. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but a spokeswoman for Reddit said the acquisition was based on a combination of cash and stock. Like TikTok, users can swipe up to see another video, feeding content from subreddits the user is subscribed to, as well as related ones.

Reddit first launched its native video platform in 2017, which allows users to upload MP4 and MOV files to the site. Then, in August 2019, it launched RPAN (Reddit Public Access Network), which lets people Livestream to selected subreddits — the most popular live streams are promoted across the platform. Reddit currently attracts 50 million daily active visitors and hosts 100,000 active subreddits.

Reddit spokesperson said:

“ Reddit’s video team’s mission is to bring community through video. Over the course of the last year, our goal was to build a unified video player, and re-envision the player interface to match what users (new and old) expect when it comes to an in-app video player — especially commenting, viewing, engaging, and discovering new content and communities through video.”

“Reddit is a place for content you won’t see anywhere else on the Internet, Dubsmash provides a welcoming platform for creators and users who are under-represented in social media.”

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