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Researchers at IIT-Kharagpur are developing a no-code 360 ​​VR platform for teachers



VR Platform

Key Specifications:

  • Researchers at IIT Kharagpur are developing a VR platform for teachers.
  • The platform will help in bridging the gap between theory and practice
  • It is available for Android and Desktop users

Virtual Reality is a hope and future of learning for Students. Sadly, the teachers got excluded from this system. Keeping this in mind, IIT Kharagpur researchers started developing a 360-degree VR educator platform.

During the time of the Corona pandemic, Bhagat and a team of researchers realized that online classes lack interaction. This gave them the idea of developing a no-code 360-degree VR platform for teachers

Kaushal Kumar Bhagat, Assistant Professor, Advanced Technology Development Centre, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, reveals in an interview:

“The basic problem is that teachers are dependent on others for developing the immersive content. We wanted to change that”

Bhagat finds the Online Classes less Interactive

Bhagat is of the view that VR has the potential to make learning more interactive and immersive through computer-generated graphics in a three-dimensional environment. This will be going to be a better medium to solve complex concepts than just reading or hearing them.

Bhagat and his team worked hard for 18 months and develop an open-source 360-degree VR platform specifically for Teachers and educators. The specialty of the platform is that it does not require any knowledge of coding. Anyone will be able to create new content in less than half an hour.

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Teachers are free to add audio, create quizzes or bring in gamification elements to make the lesson interesting. It does not require skills. All they need is to shoot photos in 360-degree, follow the instructions, and create a lesson ready to experience in VR.

The VR Platform is designed for Android Users.

The creators of the platform bring this device to Android devices. But you will be able to run it on the desktop. The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) already supports 360 degrees on VR Platform

“The degree of immersiveness varies depending on which VR headset you are using, but then the idea has always been to make VR accessible so that a student from rural India can also first-hand experience VR.”

Bhagat recently conducted a two-day workshop at the Regional Institute of Education, Bhubaneswar, Orissa to train school teachers on how to create immersive educational content using the 360 VR educator platform.

This platform will definitely empower teachers and will help to bridge the gap between theory and practice using VR.

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