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Return of European Soccer Leagues Attracts Sports Betting



The whole world came to a standstill because of the Coronavirus, causing virtually all soccer events, and consequently, soccer betting, to be down during the period when we are completely at home.

Nevertheless, the worst is over and the return of European Football promises to heat up soccer betting once again. Follow all the happenings through EN and always stay informed of the best betting opportunities. 

Ready to get excited? Continue reading this text and decide which championships you will follow. Compare betting sites that accept Venmo before you start betting.

The championships that will be coming back

Those who want to know which European leagues are getting ready to make a comeback, here are some of the top ones to get you eager to get back into soccer betting!


We will see some championships like the German Bundesliga – which was on March 13, in the 25th round, just when the matches were getting more heated. For those who follow this competition, you can see the top teams, Munich, Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig, etc. getting back into contention for the title.

Premier League

Soccer betting on the English competitions is your favorite, so you can get excited once again as the Premier League, the main English Championship is already set for June 17. Liverpool or Manchester which one of these teams has won your heart?

Ligue 1

The French Ligue 1 doesn’t disappoint either, fielding its top teams like PSG and Olympique after an intense period of social estrangement. Even the Brazilians Neymar and Thiago Silva are already training in their respective teams, so it is already possible to expect the amazing moves of this championship that justify the desire to bet on soccer!

Serie A

The Italian Serie A is perhaps one of the most unlikely games to return on the scheduled date, however, fingers crossed and waiting. The accuracy is that the games will return as of June 19, however, all pre-scheduled dates are still up for confirmation.

Getting ready for the return of the soccer betting season

Anyone who is serious about the soccer betting hobby is certainly already looking forward to making money again from the exciting matches in European Soccer. There are countless other interesting leagues, so be sure to research the ones you want to test your luck with.

The first step is to find the best opportunities to bet even in this period, i.e. the best odds to invest in. You can compare these odds manually, going to each of the sports betting platforms, or you can use tools such as to find the best opportunities.

With the best odds insight, you can be patient, there will be plenty of opportunities to bet on soccer in the European leagues, there are more than 600 games to finish the calendar.

Besides the events we have listed above, it is interesting that you keep an eye on what is going on in Denmark, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Austria, Poland, Serbia, Sweden, Belgium, Slovenia, Greece, Russia, and other reference countries in the soccer world.

In a few moments, the world will come out of one of the biggest scares in modern society and you can continue to bet on soccer. Some things may change, however, this is still one of the sports that unites the most people around the world.

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