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Roblox New Rating system make things safer for its many young players




  • Roblox Struggles With Sexual Content.
  • Roblox’s New Rating system will Address the Problem.
  • Similarly, the game is also apparently going to make it easier to find and use the parental controls that already exist.

Roblox is now working on developing content ratings for games and on ways to make parental controls easier to find and use, said Remy Malan, vice president of trust and safety for Roblox and its chief privacy officer.

“Roblox is design for kids and teens, and we have a responsibility to make sure our players can learn, create and play safely,” Mr. Malan said. For many families during the pandemic, the massive gaming platform Roblox has been a fun outlet to keep children busy and connected with friends.

Its huge player pool is more than half comprised of players under the age of 13, so keeping things PG-rated is an important priority, but that’s an aim that becomes difficult to enforce when players can freely chat to each other at all times and make their own worlds up.

Even when children say they’re under 13 when creating accounts, age-inappropriate games can show up on their “recommended for you” lists. Within the hard-to-find controls, parents can restrict the games kids can play in Roblox to those deemed appropriate by the company. But of the tens of millions of multiplayer games within Roblox, only around 1,000 are on that curated list.

How Roblox New Rating system works??

This will make content rated according to its age-appropriateness so that players have information on that before they join a game, and potentially stop them from doing so if their date of birth doesn’t match the criteria.

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Roblox parental controls

There are other parental controls that can be used in the game to ensure Roblox is super safe for younger players. It’s worth checking out the Roblox website for guidance.

First, it is important that you enter the correct date of birth for your child’s account. This will trigger the appropriate safe-chat with a higher level of filtering. Additionally, this means you will get a separate parent login so you can check up on your child’s interactions.

You should limit games to those curated by Roblox staff as follows:

  • Log in to
  • Click the Gear icon in the top right
  • Select Settings then Security
  • Enable the Account Restrictions slider.

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