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Roku Remote Volume Not Working (Quick Fixes)



How to fix Roku Remote Volume Not Working

Hey folks, are you fed up with the issue of the Roku remote volume not working? Exhausted of all fixes? then don’t fret over it. We are going to list down some very useful tips to fix this issue. So you don’t have to worry about it, Just read out the complete post and you will start the seamless experience of streaming as ever before. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and read out this?

Roku streaming stick plus is an amazing device that makes streaming smoother. Roku remote controls are so handy and convenient to use that it has changed the way of streaming forever. But as we know that nothing is perfect. Everything in this world is full of flaws and bugs.  So is Roku remote volume control as well. For the past few days, many users have reported the issue they are facing while using the Roku remote. It is not functioning well. So here we have come up with all the best possible working fixes for you.

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How to fix Roku Remote Volume Not Working?

#1 Check batteries of Roku Remote

Well whenever this happens, firstly you need to check the batteries of the remote. If you are not sure whether the batteries of the remote are used up or not, then you can try on swapping the old batteries with the new one. And then check, whether it has started working or not. In most cases, if the issue is with only batteries, then it will be resolved and the remote will start working automatically.

If this method doesn’t work for you, they also don’t get disappointed, try out other methods mentioned out here.

#2 Check pairing of Roku Remote

If roku remote volume not working, then the other possible reason could be that from the box the remote control has been unpaired from which it is supposed to function.

There could be possible reasons for that like malfunctioning pairing

  • System updates,
  • low power,
  • changing Wi-Fi networks,
  • using the device with another Roku box

But if it gets unpaired, then it is not a very tough task to regain its pairing, for this, you need to

follow the simple steps :

  • Initially, you have to disconnect your Roku box from the electric power supply first.
  • then wait for few moments.
  • After few moments, try to reconnect the Roku box.
  • Then keep calm for some time so that the home page can load properly.
  • Now find out quickly the pairing button on your Roku remote.
  • The pairing button will be found usually on the front side of the device or it can be seen near the battery compartment.
  • After finding that button, click on this button and hold it for 5 seconds.
  • If within five seconds, it will not show a blinking light, then wait for few more seconds.

Don’t forget one thing that usually the Roku models who are older come with an IR pointer. They don’t have wifi feature. So one thing you can check as well is that there should not be any dirt that might block the receiver end on the box or TV.

#3 No Obstructions in LOS of remote :

If Roku remote volume not working, the also check that whether the line of sight of the Roku remote should not be interrupted anyhow. If there is any obstruction in the line of sight of the Roku remote, then this could also cause the malfunctioning of the Roku remote.

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#4 Reset Your Roku Remote

You can reset Roku remotes by performing a specific sequence during the box or stick’s boot process.

To reset a Roku remote, follow the steps below:

If the above-mentioned methods don’t work, then you can try out this hack as well. Here you have to reset your Roku remote.

Follow the simple steps :

  • Initially keep out the batteries from the Roku remote.
  • Also, disconnect any power supply from the Roku box
  • You can also go to Settings, and then here go to system settings.
  • Under this, go to the system restart option and hit a click on the restart button.
  • Reconnect the Roku box to the power supply.
  • Keep calm for few moments.
  • The home screen will load.
  • Now again put the batteries back into the remote.
  • If the Roku TV remote still doesn’t work, move onto our next tip.

#5 Check for HDMI Interference

Sometimes the issue is also with the HDMI interference. As for some models, HDMI cables can cause issues. The issue is especially prevalent on Roku streaming sticks which connect directly to the HDMI port on your TV.

For this, you can try out HDMI extenders. So in case, you don’t have the HDMI extenders, then you can order one, and guess what the Roku will ship the extenders for free without charging anything.  To request one HDMI extender, you need to fill a form with all the required details available at Roku’s official website.

#6 Genuinely look at Your Wi-Fi Connection

On the off chance that you’ve worked through all the Roku far-off investigating tips yet you’ve still not had any achievement, your Wi-Fi connection could be the offender.

The Roku far-off doesn’t need an internet connection to interface with your crate, yet it needs a working neighborhood organization. In the event that your nearby organization is down under any condition, the far-off won’t work until the connection is reestablished.

You can also check the router’s settings if you have a technical background and can check it as well properly.

#8 Troubleshooting the Roku App

There may be an issue that your phone app could not able to find the Roku box, there could be many reasons for that like –

Network access : 

  • Firstly, check that your Roku box has enabled network access or not.
  • For this you need to follow the steps given below :
  • Go to settings.
  • Under this go to system settings.
  • Then look for advanced system settings.
  • Here click on Control By Mobile Apps > Network Access to check.
  • After this, check whether the default or permissive option is enabled or not.

Moreover don’t forget to connect and enable VPN because Roku remote app usually doesn’t work if your phone or Roku box is not connected to a decent VPN.

#8 Replace the Remote for Your Roku

If all the above-mentioned methods don’t work then you are left with no option instead of replacing it with a new remote by spending some bucks on any e-commerce site. You can also buy it from Amazon, as it offers a lot of promotional discounts.

But before ordering anything, you need to check whether the remote will be compatible with your device or not. Otherwise, there will not be any benefit even after purchasing it.

Final Words :

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Hey folks this is all about the best possible ways to fix “Roku remote volume not working”. We hope these methods will work out for you. In case they don’t work then you have to buy the new one to resolve this issue. So try out all the mentioned hacks and do let us know which method worked for you.

If we have skipped any method that worked for you, then do mention it in the comment box.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Happy streaming 🙂


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