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Rookie Mistakes Even Seasoned Casino Players Make



If you’re new to the world of online gambling, you may be quite overwhelmed by the choices at your fingertips and the different ways to play. Our belief is that you should approach online gambling as you would any activity that requires you to spend money – cautiously and logically.

But even the most seasoned players have been known to make silly mistakes now and then.

We outline the common mistakes made by online casino players – whether rookies or experienced players – and show you what to avoid.

Gambling With Money That’s Not Meant to Be Gambled With

We put this mistake at the top of the list of the insanely stupid things that online casino players do. It is absolutely reckless to gamble with money that has other, more important purposes.

You should always, always put aside money that’s budgeted for things like rent, living expenses, school fees, insurance and other crucial day-to-day expenses BEFORE even thinking of spending on gambling – or any other form of entertainment for that matter.

One of the biggest rookie mistakes is believing that if you spend your money on gambling, you will hit the jackpot and win enough to cover your expenses.

Let’s remember that one rule: The casino always has the edge.

Yes, you may win some and you may lose some, but the odds are ALWAYS in the casino’s favor.

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You should never bank on recuperating losses or making more money to cover important expenses.

If you don’t have money to gamble, you shouldn’t be gambling for real money.

If you absolutely feel the need to play slots, blackjack or other exciting casino games, you can always sign up at an online casino and play the games for free. No, you won’t win real money this way, but you can still enjoy most of what the casino has to offer you without spending a cent of your money.

Playing at Unsafe Online Casinos

One mistake sometimes made by online gambling fans is playing at online casinos that are shady and unsafe, which have been known to lure unsuspecting players and convince them to part with their money. There is very little chance of seeing payouts from these sites.

Thankfully, there aren’t many of these platforms around, but you can avoid this common mistake by knowing what to look out for in a safe online casino.

As a rule of thumb, a safe online casino most likely:

  • Is licensed and regulated by a well-known gambling jurisdiction
  • Is powered by premium online casino software providers
  • Offers 24/7 customer support
  • Supports safe and convenient banking methods
  • Processes fast withdrawals.

The best online casinos come well-recommended after they have been reviewed by online casino guides. It doesn’t hurt their players if they can visit informative sites, this way they can put their mind at rest knowing the online casino chosen has a good reputation.

Playing Without Knowledge of the Games or Software

It’s easy to simply jump into real-money online casino action and play the first game that catches your eye, but that’s a classic rookie mistake that could cost you dearly.

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Before you sit down to play online slots or table games, familiarize yourself with the software first. Things that you should be asking about the game include:

  • Payout rates – what are the odds of you winning? The higher the percentage the more chance you have of getting a payout.
  • The betting limits – you don’t want to sit down at an Evolution blackjack table that requires a minimum wager of $100 if that’s the size of your entire bankroll.
  • The rules of the game – ask yourself what you must do to win, what the payout table looks like and what’s the likelihood of winning a prize.

One of the best ways that you can get all these answers without putting your own bankroll unnecessarily at risk is by playing the games at online casinos for free. Choose the Play for Fun mode and try out all the games using free casino credits.

In this way, you can familiarize yourself with the games and software and make the right decisions when you are ready to switch to real money online gambling.


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