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Samsung Repair Mode will hide your personal pictures, documents before you give your phone for repair



Samsung Repair Mode


  • Samsung new ‘Repair Mode’ will keep sensitive data safe while your phone being serviced.
  • This feature is coming first to Galaxy S21 phones in South Korea.
  • The company plans to expand support to other models in the future.

Handing over your phone — full of photos, texts, and other personal private info — to a repair person can feel dicey. After all, the horrifying reality of having your data leaked during the repair process has actually happened to some people. The company hopes to put an end to that with a new privacy feature called Repair Mode. It’ll give technicians a limited amount of access to your phone’s. This feature is coming first to Galaxy S21 phones in South Korea. The company plans to expand support to other models in the future.

Repair Mode will give technicians only limited access to the users’ files. From the way it sounds, they will be able to access just the amount of information needed in order for them to make fixes but not enough for them to leak photos or other data.

How to enable Samsung Repair Mode?

In order to enable the feature, users will have to go to their Settings, then go to the Battery and Device Care section, and finally, enable the feature. The person repairing the device will only be able to access the installed apps by default. After enabling the feature, the phone will go directly into reboot directly into Repair Mode, meaning accounts, photos, and messages will remain hidden.

To come out of the Repair Mode, the user needs to exit the mode by rebooting the device and authenticating through fingerprint or pattern recognition. An additional option will let the phone create a log that records recent issues and which apps were in use when they occurred. This will help diagnose the problem. Of course, no personal information will be recorded in this log and you will have the option to enter Repair Mode without creating a log.

It is a universally useful feature, though, as it solves a common problem. We expect that it will become standard on One UI, at least for select models. “Technology is connecting the world more than ever, but the risks are also increasing. Samsung’s top priority is customers,” said Shin Seung-won, managing director of the Security Team of Samsung Electronics’ MX Division.

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