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Sent a wrong message to wrong person? WhatsApp’s new accidental delete feature can save you from embarrassment



WhatsApp New Features

On Monday, WhatsApp, a messaging network owned by Meta, added a new security feature called “Accidental deletion.”

It would appear that WhatsApp is listening to its users and acting on their concerns and ideas. The messaging app owned by Meta keeps introducing new features to improve the user interface, such as the ability to amend messages after sending and the blocking of screenshots for viewing once media.

New WhatsApp features aren’t only for fun; they also improve users’ ability to hide their activity. Additionally, WhatsApp provides a rescue feature for users who inadvertently select “delete for me” instead of “delete for everyone,” further increasing the app’s privacy protections.

When using the new feature, you can recover a message for five seconds after initially deleting it. A confirmation dialogue box stating “Message erased for me” will pop up after you delete a message. A tiny “Undo” button will also be included in the dialogue box. A reappearance of the message you just erased is possible with this button.

The new “unintentional delete” feature is accessible to everyone who uses Android or iOS. You can get the latest version of WhatsApp from the Google Play store or the App Store if you are having trouble accessing the functionality.

Meta has also shared news about planned enhancements to WhatsApp’s calling capabilities. Some of these features are-

The maximum number of participants in a single WhatsApp call has increased to 32.

Users can now mute or message group members independently without interrupting ongoing calls.

WhatsApp said on December 14 that it is testing picture-in-picture functionality for video calls on iOS. Since this capability has been available on Android devices for quite some time, Apple’s devices fall far behind. The iOS version of WhatsApp’s picture-in-picture mode is now only available to beta testers, and won’t roll out to the general public until next year.

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Recently, WhatsApp Pay’s India head, Vinay Choletti, resigned after only four months on the job. Before Manesh Mahatme’s departure in September to join Amazon, Choletti oversaw WhatsApp Pay in India.


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