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Seven things we may find in online casinos a few years from now



If you have been following the online casino industry for the last couple of years, you have probably noticed that some of the best websites in the business have become way more advanced than before. Besides better designs and an easy-to-use interface, we also have the chance to try out many more games and bonuses.

Let’s also not forget about the different mobile applications. Nowadays, almost every online bettor has the chance to play casino games while being on the go, thanks to the apps for Android and iOS. Needless to say, those things were not available several years ago.

Although you might think that everything related to online casinos has already been invented, there are many things that we can expect to see a few years from now, so let’s check some of them.

  1. Special types of casino games

One of the things you will find on Silentbet after visiting is all sorts of online casinos that have different games. Nowadays, the majority of people like slots, but you can find many other games, such as those that have a live croupier.

We expect that there will be many new types of casino games in the future, thanks to things like virtual reality. Even though people can take advantage of this technology even today, most computers and smartphones don’t have the needed resources to utilize it to its full potential. However, once the CPUs and the GPUs become better, we will definitely see this tech a lot more often in our daily lives, including in online betting.

Besides VR slots, we will most likely have the option to use the special glasses that will let us meet the croupier as if we are in a real casino. This should make those types of games even more popular among casual casino players.

  1. Special mobile betting platforms

Besides the numerous games, every online casino you can find once you go to Silentbet has a mobile application or a mobile website version. Both things are great because they will let you bring the fun with you wherever you go.

Although people are used to downloading apps and using mobile websites, there is a pretty good chance that we will have access to special mobile betting platforms that will come pre-installed on our handheld devices. This may seem impossible, but the iGaming industry is growing rapidly, which is why some of the biggest brands may sign a partnership with the world’s most popular mobile operating systems.

  1. There will be more cryptocurrencies


Digital currencies are becoming really popular because they can be used for all sorts of things. Even though most people look at them as an investment, they are also popular in the iGaming industry because of their safety features. As you probably know, cryptocurrencies don’t require you to have a bank account, which means that you don’t need to share any private information with the given online betting platform. So, even if hackers manage to bypass the given casino’s security features, they won’t be able to use your banking information to their advantage.

Nowadays, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most popular digital currencies for online betting, but there will be many new options that will be available in the future. For example, users may have the chance to fund their accounts with Cardano, Polkadot, Tether, and more. Keep in mind that some of the cryptocurrencies may require you to wait for a few minutes until the transaction is being processed. This is another thing that will probably change in the future.

  1. New types of promotions

In addition to the new casino games, we also expect to have access to special types of bonuses. People interested in online casinos know that they will have the chance to try out loads of deposit offers, cashback, free spins, and more.

In order to be an attractive destination for online bettors, some of the leading gambling websites will definitely create new types of bonuses. Some of them might be better versions of the ones that are currently available, but there might be entirely new offers that you could put to the test.

  1. The implementation of Artificial Intelligence

In addition to VR, there is another type of technology that we will probably see a lot more often in the future, and it is called Artificial Intelligence. Despite not being that popular right now, AI will play a significant role in most aspects of life, so it will definitely be implemented into the online casino industry.

AI will be really helpful for people who don’t have any experience, especially when it comes down to slots. The bot will be able to adjust the specific casino game to each user’s personal preferences, which means that some people might have access to more reels, mini-games, additional bonuses, and so on.

  1. More optimized online casino regulations

Nowadays, people who want to access an online casino need to find a regulated website by a reputable gambling authority. Even though there are several world-famous gambling authorities that are recognized in many countries, people from some states can’t access any online casino that isn’t regulated by the local betting authority.

We expect this to change soon because the gambling laws are becoming a lot more user-friendly. So, don’t be surprised if it turns out that you will have the chance to access a given online betting platform even if it is not regulated by your local gambling commission.

  1. There will be way more security features

Most online casinos have different security features that make sure to keep users safe while betting. Depending on the gambling platform, there might be several SSL certificates, RNG tools, and other types of security options.

Since hackers are becoming more knowledgeable every year, online casinos need to introduce new security features in order to safeguard their users. Who knows, we might have access to a more advanced SSL technology or even a new type of encryption technology.


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