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Tips And Tricks to Save Money at Shein: Shein hacks



Shein hacks

With the explosion of e-retail shops and online payment systems, more and more people have embraced online shopping. E-shopping convenience and accessibility also encourage consumers to purchase products online. Buyers can make purchases without leaving the comfort of their homes.

We all heard about Shein, I think. Shein is growing rapidly by providing a great variety of brands at the lowest price. We all know shein provides clothes with the lowest price, but as shoppers, we always want more and more discount opportunities, or we can say we always crave more discounts. Shein is all about cute, trendy, affordable, and fashionable clothing. So let’s break down here some easy tips and tricks for shein  to save more money.

If you want to buy something or have already bought it, then this post will help you a lot.

Best Shein Hacks To Save Money

1. Download the App

If you are a new user of shein then you have an amazing opportunity to get a huge discount by sigh in with new account details you will get a 15% discount as well as many coupons and additional discounts. To see coupons, you have to click the little profile icon on the right hand. These coupons come with an expiry so you can use them before they expired.

2. Use a Shein gift card

If you purchase a gift card from the official website of shein you will get a discount. The gift card starts from $25, but the condition is that you can buy it from only the official website. Another part of this Shein hack? If the gift card’s value is more than $200, you’ll get a discount!


3. Use the SHEIN Points Reward Program

Shein provides a reward program for their users to earn some points. Basically, 100 points are equal to $1.This Shein hack was found to be very familiar to the consumers because they might before known about if not, then, here are some ways to earn points and reward yourself. It is one of the best Shein hacks to save your bucks.

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Confirm your registration

you may verify your email to get 100 points

Buy and Save
1. You’ll earn 1 point for every dollar spent on your purchase.
2. Points will be credited to your account once you confirm the delivery of your order.
Review our products
Points can be earned by posting comments and reviews on purchased items. After meeting the minimum of text product comments, you will receive 10 points.
Daily check-in
1. Every day that you check in consecutively will earn you additional points.
2. A consecutive streak lasts up to 7 days. On the eighth day, the cycle will restart and will count as your first check-in of the cycle. But beware, if you miss a day within your 7-day cycle, it will start you back at one.
Participate in Show contests
1. Participate in Show contests and posts based on the given theme. Each post will earn you 5 points (up to 10 points per day).
2. If your post is selected as a featured piece by SHEIN editors, you will earn a bonus of 50 points.
Participate in daily marketing activities
1. Participate in the points-related activities held by SHEIN within the specified time limit, and receive the 2. corresponding points rewards according to the activity rules.

4. Get a Student Discount

Being a student is hard, but it has advantages: some sites offer discounts, so you can buy clothes without worrying about your finances.

The Shein platform, known for its cheap and quality fashion clothing, offers a student discount of 15% on all purchases. This is the best Shein hack for students.

We’ll explain how it works, what you need to get it, and if it’s worth it.

  •  To claim this offer, you need to sign in first at
  • after that, you have to confirm your student status by giving an official university email.
  • Once you registered you will gain access to an exclusive 15% off student discount code from shein.

 5. Look out for the flash sale on the app

Flash sale is a limited-time event that may offer you a deep discount on your favorite items in limited quantities that’s why we have included it in our list of best Shein hacks. We can also say that you can get your Wishlist items at a half rate, so always keep an eye out for flash sales daily. You never know what product may come up next.

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I personally experienced this. I purchased an item worth 11 INR for only 294 INR! PRETTY UNBELIVEABLE !

6. Keep an eye on the homepage ads

Have you ever checked the homepage of shein? If not, then check if you scroll down on the homepage, you will so many extra discount codes and promotions.

Sales are all over the homepage, with more pop-up sales on the side as you scroll. Deals on SHEIN are usually pretty easy to find!

There is also a special offers banner ad across the top of the homepage screen. The banner offers “free shipping on any order” or “$10 off on orders $99 or above”.

Best Shein hacks

Shein tips and tricks

7. Free trial center

yes! you have read correctly Shein provides a free trial to their users. It’s a fun platform for customers to try out new clothes for free and review the items on-site. Consumers get to receive free clothes in exchange7 for a detailed review of the overall experience, including quality, style, fit, fabric, and construction. This helps improve the brand by providing detailed personal reviews for fellow customers.

Follow these easy steps to get a free trial

  • Browse through the available Free Trial products and select the items you want (at most 3 items a week), and click ” Free Trial. “
  • Select your size, fill in your shipping address information, and press submit. Please note that your delivery address must be consistent with the country of the current site. If it’s inconsistent, you will not be able to apply.
  • Go to ” My Free Trial ” to check on your results. Processing time is about 1 week.
  • Your order will be issued and shipped automatically once your Free Trial application is approved. You can click the ” Post Report ” button in the order list to upload the review once you receive the item.

9. Shop Black Friday

Shein has offered fantastic holiday sale pricing, including up to 60% off of select products during Black Friday as well as a wide range of sales and promotions focused on Cyber Monday. Black Friday sales have discounted items all the way down to 60% off, including clearance pieces. In addition they are providing free standar shipping on all orders and sale was also lasted for many days, not just on black friday.

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Participate in Shein contests

Shein holds many contests that consist of creating outfits with the products from the store. You have to upload your picture, and by this, you will participate in the contest. By uploading your image, Shein gives you some points for free. And you can upload up to two images per day.

In this contest, several winners were chosen. Some were chosen by who got more likes, and others the one selected by the shein team.

Many shoppers enter these contests to win; however, they know it is a very difficult process. Plus, as we’ve already said, you get points for participating, and that’s always good.


1. Why is Shein so cheap?

Shein manufactures its products in outside US. It does also have many warehouses in other countries. It is also online retail, so the cost of doing business is low, so Shein passes those savings along to its customers.

2. How can I get a discount on Shein?

Follow the saving tips shared above to get a discount on Shein, such as earning rewards points and signing up for the retailer’s email. You can also get a Shein discount by using coupon codes at checkout.

3. How Long Does SHEIN Shipping Take?

Shipping takes around 2 weeks on average. Things get shipped from all over the world and can take weeks to get to you. Their shipping estimates are usually accurate when you go to check out.

Final Words

Overall we can say that if you want to buy anything online, you can prefer shein as your first priority because shein will provide you with high-quality products at a low price. We have already explained to you some different Shein hacks to save you money. Shein is worth it. Like some fast fashion brands such as ZARA and H&M, Shein keeps up with trends and produces trendy clothing. Maybe Shein is faster than them. There are more than one hundred thousand products on this platform, and on this basis, new products will be updated daily.

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