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Signal gets a major update; users can now change phone number without losing chats





  • Signal now lets you update your number without losing chats.
  • Signal will notify all your contacts when you change your phone number.
  • The feature is available for both iOS and Android.

Signal now lets you update your number without losing chats.

Signal has gotten a major update. Individuals can now change their unlisted telephone numbers without losing their old visits. This is one of the much-anticipated features, which is as of now accessible on WhatsApp.

Signal has support for start to finish encryption and all visits are connected to the number that you used to make a record. The discussions are not put away on a cloud-based help, so when a client changes their telephone number under any condition, they lose every one of the talks that were connected to the past number. This changes with the most recent update that Signal has delivered. Presently, you can refresh your telephone number and you will not be expected to make another record and lose discussions.

“Assuming you’re keeping your current telephone, yet getting another number, the Change Number feature will allow you to keep your profile and your current messages as a whole and gatherings on your gadget while making you reachable at your new telephone number,” the organization said.

Signal will notify all your contacts when you change your phone number.

The sign will likewise inform every one of your contacts when you change your telephone number. In a blog entry, the platform has affirmed that the feature is being carried out to both Android and iOS renditions. This feature is apparent in the most recent variant of Signal and is accessible for those gadgets that are running on at minimum Android v5.30.6 or iOS v5.27.1.
It should be noticed that the feature won’t work on the off chance that a client can’t convey or get messages on Message with the currently enrolled telephone number. This is additionally the situation assuming an individual loses or loses their essential gadget, or the telephone gets arranged.

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The cycle to change the telephone number is straightforward. One simply needs to open the Signal application, visit their Profile > Settings > Account > Change telephone number > Tap on Continue. You can then adhere to on-screen guidelines to finish the enrollment cycle for your new telephone number. The previously mentioned process is for iOS gadgets. However, the means ought to be comparable for Android as well.

The feature is available for both iOS and Android.

On the off chance that you are pondering, indeed, WhatsApp allows you to change your telephone number without losing the talk history. At the point when you choose to transform it, the informing application moves your record data, including your profile photograph, name, about, individual talks, bunch visits, and settings from your old telephone number to your new telephone number.

To review, Signal acquired notoriety when WhatsApp declared that it is changing its protection strategy in 2021. A few users changed to various informing applications. In the desire for having a more secure situated platform to talk with loved ones. It merits calling attention to that. WhatsApp clarified that your own visits. Will stay private and nobody will actually want to peruse them as they are starting to finish encoding.

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