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Skype new noise cancellation feature: How to activate it during calls



Skype new noise cancellation feature


  • Microsoft has introduced a new feature within the Skype Desktop app called active noise cancellation.
  • This new feature will enhance the experience of Skype voice and video calls by optimally reducing the noise.

According to Skype, “We are pleased to announce the new noise suppression feature within the Skype desktop app. Originally developed for Microsoft Teams, this new feature is meant to silence almost everything apart from your voice when you’re meeting on Skype.”

How to enable the Skype new noise cancellation feature during video calls?

To activate the active noise cancellation feature in Skype video calls, follow these steps.

1) Launch the Skype Desktop app.

2) Click on the three vertical dots located on the top-left part of the screen next to the profile picture.

3) Click the ‘Settings’ choice to open the ‘Settings tab.

4) Within the ‘Settings’ tab, click the ‘Audio & Video’ option from the side menu.

5) Scroll right down to the ‘Audio’ section.

6) Click the down arrow located next to the ‘Noise cancellation.

7) Choose the specified option among the following: ‘Off’, ‘Auto’, ‘Low’, ‘High’. If you’re unsure which choice to choose, click the ‘Auto’ option. this is often the default that optimally cancels the noise.

8) Exit the ‘Settings’ Tab. Your updated preferences will automatically be set.

Which platforms support this new feature of Skype?

Microsoft has released the active noise cancellation feature of Skype Desktop for Windows and Mac devices. However, you can’t find this feature on Skype Mobile and Skype for Web in mobile.

How Skype new noise cancellation feature work?

Skype revealed that this technology of active noise cancellation works on Machine Learning. When the user speaks during a voice or video call, the voice signals are sent through the microphone. The audio feed is analyzed that cancels the noise without compromising the voice quality.

According to Skype, “This technology relies on machine learning (ML) to find out the difference between clean speech and noise and is usually mentioned as AI (AI). There is enough diversity within the dataset in terms of unpolluted speech, noise types, and therefore the environments from which our users are joining online calls” which help this feature to work perfectly.

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