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Smart Replies in Google Chat gets these new languages: Here’s how to enable them



Smart Replies Feature

Key Specifications:

  • Google Chat Smart Replies Feature gets support for three more languages.
  • These languages are French, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • Android users now can select multiple images and send them in a go

Google Chat is offering Smart Replies features for more than four years. Sadly, it supports only the English language. This is no longer the case. The company has added three more languages to the feature- French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Users do not need to worry about anything; the app will understand the language in which they are typing and provide them with quick replies, says Google. This feature is truly beneficial for those who work for an international company and write with multiple people in multiple languages, you will be able to benefit from the introduction of the feature all the same.

Google Chat Smart Replies Feature gets Support for three more languages

Smart Replies feature will get automatically upgraded with this improved language support—there is nothing you need to do on your end. If you’ve deactivated Smart Replies over the years, it’s simple enough to turn them back on, too. You just need to head to Settings

However to access his feature, must ensure that enable Smart Replies if they want to use it by going to the app settings, and the gear icon and checking ‘Enable Smart Reply on web and desktop’.

Messages, Gmail, and Google Docs have Smart Replies on Android and the web. This works similarly on every app. It is also built into the notifications on Android which provides short and quick replies based on the message received.

Android Users can select multiple images and videos and send them

Currently, iOS users are able to select multiple images and videos and send them all at once in a Google Chat message. Thankfully, the same capability is now rolling out to Android users as well, with Workspace Rapid Release domains getting it as early as two days ago (September 15th, 2022). The plan for Scheduled Release domains is to begin the rollout on September 30, 2022.

According to Google, the Photos’ will select and trim the best snippets from the video users recorded back in the day and show them in the Memories. At the same time, images will have a subtle zoom-in and out effect.

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