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Snapchat Launches Birthdays Mini Feature in India to Track Friends’ Birthdays





  • Snapchat Launches Birthdays Mini Feature in India.
  • You can wish a friend a happy birthday using some of the unique Snapchat stickers.
  • The feature is available on the social media app for both Android and iOS users.

Never forget a birthday again! Snapchat launches Birthdays Mini tool that pulls together a list of all your friends’ upcoming and recent celebrations. ‘The Birthdays Mini makes it easier to see all of your friends’ birthdays in one place, to help you remember important upcoming birthdays, and plan for their special day.’

They can wish other users a happy birthday with lenses and unique stickers, as well as start a countdown to their own birthday, down to the second. The Birthdays Mini can be found behind the rocket icon in chat or via the search bar.

Users who have opted to show their birthdays on Snapchat Profiles will be listed in the Birthdays Mini. As a Snapchat user, you will see the list of upcoming and recent birthdays. When it’s your friend’s birthday, you can send personal greetings and birthday messages. It will just show the birthday, not the birth year or age. So, users who do not want their age to be revealed publicly shouldn’t worry.

The company said in a statement:

“Today we launched Birthdays Mini to make it fun and easy to remember and celebrate your Snapchat friends’ birthdays! You can enjoy personal greetings and birthday messages from your friends — all inside of Snapchat.”

The Birthday Mini is the first one to include lens sharing, a feature that allows you to unlock special themed lenses you can send as snaps to your friends or include in your stories. When someone sees them in those contexts, they can swipe up to join the Mini. It’s a small feature addition, to be sure, but one that makes keeping track of everyone’s special day easier.

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You need to download the latest Snapchat app on your phone to experience the changes. Once you get the update, you’ll notice that the existing Snap Camera icon will be replaced with the Scan feature and birthday mini option in the discover tab.

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