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Snapchat Launches Special Lenses, Geofilters, Stickers to Commemorate India’s 73rd Republic Day



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Multimedia instant messaging app Snapchat is all set to celebrate the 73rd Republic Day with some exciting new lenses and filters. Snapchatters across the country can bring alive their patriotic spirit with some cool new lenses, geofilters, stickers, Bitmojis, Bitmoji geofilters, and hyperlocal geofilters.

We are celebrating the 73rd Republic Day of our glorious nation on 26 January 2022. It marks the day when the Constitution of India came into force in 1950. This is a special day that fills every Indian with a feeling of patriotism and pride. We usually celebrate this day by wearing tricolor outfits. This year you can go a little further and celebrate this day with a splash of tricolor make-up.

Snapchat India Launches Republic Day-themed Lenses

The new Snapchat lens has a hood with a tri-color and ‘Happy Republic Day’ message that appears in the middle of the image. The tricolor is also visible at the bottom of the image. Snapchat users can take a selfie with the new lens and set it up as a story or share it with their friends on the app. The new Snapchat lens can be found through the lens carousel under the camera lens.

The lens allows users of the popular social media app to celebrate with friends and family even when they are not together physically. Snapchatters can also use their creativity to share on Spotlight using the hashtag #MeraBharatMahan, making this an opportunity to share what India means to them in their unique way.

Augmented reality has revolutionized people’s communication, entertainment habits, and experience. Continuing this trend, the company is planning to scale up its AR tools by innovating and creating unique moments and experiences to connect with Snapchat users in altogether new ways. The social media service has expanded its AR canvas with more than 200 million users engaging with augmented reality on a daily average, and over 2,00,000 creators use Lens Studio to build AR Lenses for their community.

Twitter has additionally launched a special emoji honoring the Indian Air Force on Republic Day. The emoji reveals three IAF aircraft transferring information in a flypast, with the Indian tricolor depicted in colored smoke. It will be activated with the hashtag #ContactTheSkies in 10 regional languages apart from English. The emoji is out there on Twitter until January 30.

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