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Snapchat New Spotlight feature: How To Earn Money Through This App



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  • Snapchat Spotlight is a new feature in the app that allows users to create short videos.
  • Here users can record videos up to 60-seconds long, while Instagram Reels allows users to only capture 30-second videos.
  • Earlier it was available in only 11 countries, now it is available for Indian users.
  • You can also add filters, captions, GIFs, music to your videos.

Want to earn through Snapchat spotlight? Looking for some possible ways to get Snapchat spotlight payment? Then you have to keep reading. In this post, we are going to look at how to make money in the Snapchat spotlight.

Snapchat introduced so many quality features and one among them is the Snapchat spotlight. This allows its users to directly make money from the platform.


You’ll see a dedicated tab called the Snapchat spotlight in the app itself. As a user, you have the opportunity to submit your best video Snaps to earn a share of 1 million dollars. Snapchat said in a public statement that it’ll be paying a share of this amount on a daily basis for best performing video Snaps.

How to make money through Snapchat New Spotlight feature?

You don’t need to have either a large following or even a public profile to make money from the Snapchat spotlight. To make money via Snapchat Spotlight, your uploaded video should be original and not copied. You will receive a message from Snapchat for payment if any of your Spotlight videos reach a certain point and if is eligible for payment.

For content to get money from Snap, it has to be original. The spokesperson specified that one cannot just go to YouTube and copy some video off and re-upload it to Spotlight and then start to earn money.

Snap also says that every single piece of content that is posted to Spotlight is seen and moderated by both a human and a machine before it is shown to a large number of people.

Snapchat Spotlight Vs Instagram Reels: What’s The Difference?

Unlike Instagram Reels, Snapchat Spotlight does not allow unwanted comments from the public. This will protect users from harassment on the platform. One more plus point is you can make 60-second videos on Spotlight.

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