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Snapchat Scan feature gets new upgrade: Here’s what is new



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  • Snapchat Replaces Camera Icon on Homescreen With Scan Shortcut to Enhance AR Experiences.
  • You may need to download the latest Snapchat app on your phone to experience the changes.
  • Finally, there’s a menu section to “Discover more with Scan”.

Snapchat has announced a new update for its Scan tools, which will provide more ways to use the Snap Camera to discover additional insights, and facilitate more direct actions based on what you see. The scan also helps to address a growing problem for Snapchat users: how to find the millions of AR effects, or Lenses, that are made by Snap’s creator community. With its ability to suggest Lenses based on what you’re looking at, Scan could bring more visibility to the Lenses people make, incentivizing them to keep making AR content for Snapchat.

Snapchat partnered with a variety of identification apps

Snap has partnered with a variety of identification apps, such as PlantSnap, Shazam, and, yes, Dog Scanner, that show information about what you’re focusing on your camera or what song you’re hearing. The company says that by using Pixar-quality 3D capabilities, Snapchat users will be able to view enhanced details on their customized avatar, including clothing textures and unique embellishments from their favorite fashion labels.

You need to download the latest Snapchat app on your phone to experience the changes. Once you get the update, you’ll notice that the existing Snap Camera icon will be replaced with the Scan feature to let you quickly access AR-based filters and lenses to discover and understand your surroundings.

Previously, Snapchat’s camera could identify songs with Shazam and recognize objects so you could buy them on Amazon. But now instead of just offering a few scattered tools, Snapchat is crystallizing its plan to let you reveal hidden information about the world around you. When users tap and hold on to the Snapchat camera, they’ll start to Scan their surroundings. Answers to math equations will magically appear. Users will also see the new Snapchat AR Bar with dedicated buttons to Scan, create a lens or explore the 400,000 AR Lenses created by Snapchat’s community.

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