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Sony FX3 Cinema Line Camera Launch Date and Features revealed| check all details



Sony FX3 Cinema Line Camera


  • Sony will launch a new camera on February 23.
  • The first Cinema Line camera to shoot both videos and stills.
  • The New Camera is Sony’s smallest Cinema Line camera so far.
  • The new Sony Camera is considered as the best camera by the company officials.

Sony FX3 Cinema Line Camera: Release Date

The Cinema Line camera will be launched virtually. Camera users can set a reminder to watch it when it begins on February 23 at 20:30 PM in India.

This camera has a full-frame sensor and significantly less expensive than its previous cameras.

Sony FX3 Cinema Line Camera: Teaser Details

The teaser promises “new cinematic freedom” by the company officials.

A new teaser revealed some details about the Sony FX3, an exciting pro camera that will likely blur the boundaries between Sony’s Cinema cameras and its Alpha models.

The specifications of the camera have also been released online by the company teaser. The new camera has a lot of exciting features that make it completely different from other cameras.

Sony FX3 Cinema Line Camera: Complete Features Details

The New camera is compact than the rest of Sony’s Cinema line, which includes the Sony FX6, FX9, and Venice camera.

It can also be Sony’s smallest Cinema Line camera so far.

It’ll have a 12MP full-frame sensor, in-body image stabilization (IBIS), a full-size HDMI port, and the ability to shoot 4K/120p video.

This new device would be as powerful as the A7S III but made as a Cinema Line camera.

This device might very well be the smallest Sony Cinema Line camera in the world thus far.

With the launch of FX3, the company will aim at professionals that also prefer portability. The new FX3 will probably be the most compact camera of the company’s Cinema Line series.

It’ll also have an XLR adaptor for larger professional microphones and also the S-Cinetone color profile, which is a great starting point for professional, cinematic edits.

The only drawback is that it missing a very important feature which is 8K videos which is a demand of photographers from the Company.

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