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Spider Man: No Way Home Earnings Crosses $1 Billion!



Spider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home has been a huge success. The film has broken many records so far. Last week, the film added $ 20.60 million (about Rs 1,549 crore) to its worldwide box office so far. Interestingly, only 12 days have passed since the film was released. It has now become the third film to earn so much. Earlier Avengers: Endgame had earned this in 5 days and Avengers: Infinity War had collected this much in 11 days. This is the first such film that has done business of billions of dollars even during the Corona epidemic. The film has so far earned $1.05 billion (about Rs 7,882 crore). It is one of the few films to have made this record without releasing in China.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is making a splash in India too. The film has so far collected around Rs 223 crore in India after its release on December 16. With this, it has come near the list of 20 biggest films of India. Avengers: Endgame is included in the list of Top 5. Spider-Man No Way Home is the biggest movie of all time for Sony Pictures. While it is the second biggest film globally for Sony Pictures. Before this comes the number of Spider-Man: Far From Home which came before this. Spider-Man: Far From Home did a business of $ 1.13 billion (about Rs 8,483 crore) in 2019.

India has proved to be the 8th largest market for Spider-Man: No Way Home. Including America and Canada (the film’s biggest market), the film collected $ 85 million (about Rs 638 crore). After this, the film’s total collection for this market became $ 467 million (about Rs 3,507 crore). In this week, the movie grossed $ 121 million (about Rs 911 crore) in 61 other countries, after which the total collection of the film for these countries was $ 58.7 million (about Rs 4,406 crore). Of these 61 countries, the film made the highest gross in the UK ($68 million), Mexico ($52 million), South Korea ($41 million), France ($35 million), Brazil ($31 million), Australia (31 million). dollars), India ($29 million), Russia ($28 million),

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of Italy ($21 million) and Germany ($20 million).

This movie has also broken records for IMAX. The film grossed $61 million (approximately Rs 461 crore) on IMAX in the big-screen premium format.

Meanwhile, Matrix Resurrections was also released, which grossed $ 57 million (about Rs 433 crore) globally in 5 days after its release. The film’s total collection was close to $ 69 million (about Rs 523 crore), of which the film earned $ 22 million (about Rs 168 crore) in the US and Canada. The film earned the remaining $ 47 million in the rest of the world. The biggest markets for the film were Japan ($7 million), Russia ($6 million), the UK ($3.9 million), France ($3.1 million), and Mexico ($2.2 million). The film is also available on HBO Max in the US. It is going to release in Italy on January 1 and in China on January 14.

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