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Steam Rings in the New Year With 25 Million Concurrent Users




It indeed is a Happy New Year. Earlier we noticed that Facebook and WhatsApp have touched a new record during the New Year’s Eve, now Steam is in the news for breaking all the records of concurrent users.

This is the seventh time the record has been broken in 12 months, most recently when it hit 24,776,635 concurrent users in mid-December. Before then, the highest concurrent player count seen on Steam was 22 million users.

The chart shows the stats accurately.


Reason for the massive user count

1. Steam Winter Sale 2020

The prominent reason for the massive increase in the user count at a given point of time is the Steam Winter Sale.

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The Sale is live and has some amazing games on irresistible discounts.

2. COVID 19 outbreak

Because the pandemic is still spreading across globe, people have opted to stay home rather than stepping out. This has literally been a boon to the gamers.

And when you have such amazing offers, how can you resist ?

3. Games

The games like Cyberpunk are so captivating that it doesn’t let anyone go without playing. The addictive games are also one of the reasons for rise in the user count.

4. Holiday Time

Most of the people enjoy holidays from Christmas to New Year. Because they are home and have less work load, they joined millions of other users in the game.


Steam has been on a roll during the holidays this past week. The gaming software client eclipsed a benchmark number of concurrent viewers with a record number 25 million users this weekend.

Since Christmas, the concurrent user figures on Steam have been creeping closer and closer to the 25-million mark during prime gaming hours every day, but it wasn’t until 8am CT yesterday that Steam was finally able to pass the mark.

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