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Tariff-ic: how businesspeople can decide on the right mobile plan for their needs



Everyone knows what it is like to try and cut through the noise to find the best plan for their personal mobile phone. However, add in the additional requirements of needing it for business purposes, and it might have you completely lost. So, to help you in finding the right business tariff for your needs, let us take a look at a few tips and tricks.

Understand your needs

Firstly, consider what you will need from your business phone. What functions do you need it to perform? Which modes of communication are you most likely to use? This way, you can always compare each mobile plan to your requirements, ensuring you choose the most suitable one for you.


In 2021, the average monthly cost for the most popular smartphone contracts was £47.20. This comes with the fact that smartphones typically cost around £200 more than they did in 2018. As you can see, mobile plans can be a significant investment, and thus your budget needs to be carefully considered.

Work out how much you personally can afford to spend on your monthly payments – or, if you get it through your workplace, how much your employer is willing to spend. In doing so, you can immediately rule out a large number of plans that are out of your budget.


In today’s day and age, mobility is more important than ever before, as masses of people work remotely or in hybrid workplaces. Due to this, it is essential that business phones allow you to communicate with whoever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want, seamlessly.

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Thus, business phone providers such as Gamma Mobile provide flexible tariffs that allow you to use both 5G and VoIP connectivity for comprehensive coverage, making doing business on the move as easy as it is in the office.


Do any providers offer meaningful perks that would be beneficial to you or the business? In the same way that O2 offers O2 Priority to domestic customers, many business phone providers will include additional features and support in conjunction with your monthly phone plan.


Unlike the average smartphone user, business people do not have the time to be constantly switching their phone plans. Thus, it is important to make sure that you opt for a provider that is reliable and trustworthy, and that can support your business needs in the long term.

Secondly, clients expect reliable communications from a business, so the signal strength and quality of phone calls must also be extremely reliable. After all, no one likes to wait to speak to a representative, just for the line to be poor, crackly, and potentially disconnected.


If multiple people within your organisation are looking for new mobile plans, it might be that you will get a better deal by buying them all together. Shop around to see whether any providers offer discounted bundles for businesses, but make sure that they do not compromise on quality.

Compare different plans

And finally, but most importantly, don’t just go with the first provider that you find. Make sure to compare all the different plans on the market, looking at all the different packages and specifications, so that you can be rest assured that you have made the best, most informed decision for you.

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