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Technology and the rise of online casinos



The internet boom of the 1990s had a huge impact on many industries across the globe; one in particular being the world of gaming & casinos. Online casinos are now more popular than ever, and with the rise of smartphone usage, it’s a market that’s showing no signs of stopping.

The tech behind online casinos however, needs to constantly evolve in change just as rapidly as it does. Any Online casino needs to integrate the latest in tech and innovations to keep up with the competition and keep their users happy and secure.

In this article we’ll explore some of the essential tech that keeps online casinos operating smoothly — and helps some get an edge over the competition.

Gaming Software

The software behind games is one of the most important parts of everyone online casino. Developers produce different casino games which is where most casinos get them from. It’s the developers who give casinos license to use their games, including table games, slots and more.

All casino games are based on RNG software. Known as the Random Number Generator (RNG), this software is a crucial component because it helps keeps casino games fair, by being random and without any patterns. This ensures that games can be manipulated or alternatively, the outcomes altered in anyway.

For online casinos that choose to develop their games in-house, they need to work alongside the latest RNG software standards to ensure that players have a fair advantage — against one another, the game and the casino itself.

Payment Gateways

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Payment — which includes both deposits and withdrawals — is a hugely important part of how casinos function, whether online or land-based. Online casinos over the past few years have rapidly increased their options when it comes to the payment methods they accept. It’s also important that this is done safely, which is why online casinos have partnered with the most reputable brands on the market including Mastercard, Skrill, VISA, Google Pay and PayPal. Some casinos have even begun to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in a bid to give their players more options (and attract even more).

Being that there’s so much competition on the market, it’s become more important than ever for casinos to be able to offer as many payment methods as possible. Which is why payment gateway solutions are a huge part of the tech behind casinos. Responsible for the processing of all transactions and the competition of transfer of these funds safely, payment gateways are a big consideration of all online casinos and continue to be as tech improves and changes.


Security is important to any online operator who is taking payments or customer data. That’s why it’s close to the top of the list when it comes to essential online casino tech.

Casinos use encryption software to ensure data is safe and protected from any third parties, which means that users can’t view your person details or any info around transactions made by the website. It’s important to make sure that whatever you’re casino you’re playing at is licensed by the government in question as they’ll ensure these regulations will be in place.

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Mobile Gaming Tech

The majority of people who play at online casinos access them through their mobile devices, including smartphones. That’s why it’s so important for online casinos to be mobile responsive when it comes to their website, as well as having their own casino mobile apps. In order for an online casino to have the best offering for customers, they’ll need to have an app as customers have become accustomed to it.

This is why mobile gaming technology has become such a fundamental part of the online casino operation — and why online casinos have invested so much into it. The ability for users to play casino games from their mobiles is some of the reason why online casinos have become so successful in the first place. To stay ahead of the curve, their mobile technology has to be best-in-class, so that players can enjoy their favourite casino games from whatever device they choose, wherever they may be at the time.

AR & VR Gaming — and new technologies

Of course, along with the essential tech that online casinos already utilise, it’s important for them to stay in the know about what’s coming next. One of the most exciting developments in the gaming and tech space over the past few years has been virtual and augmented reality, which has begun to make it’s way into the online casino sector.

With VR (virtual reality), players can use a virtual reality headset to simulate playing their favourite online casino games like blackjack, craps, online slots or pork in a setting that’s very close to a real life casino. This brings users, virtually, into the atmosphere of land-based casinos without having to leave home.

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With AR (augmented reality), elements of the casino are brought into the space that the user is playing from. One of the most popular examples of an AR game in recent times is Pokémon Go, but there are now a variety of fantastic games utilising this technology. In the future, it will be likely that both AR and VR will become part of mainstream online casinos offerings.


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