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Technology of the future: what online casino gamblers can expect in a few years



Technology Trends That Will Impact Online Gaming in 2022

Computer technology shows a rapid pace of development, every year there are new trends, directions, functions. The gambling industry, in which Box24 casino successfully operates, quickly reacts to innovations, using developments to improve the quality of services. In addition, the world wide web has covered almost every corner of the planet, reducing the distance, time and simplifying ways of communication. All these achievements are skillfully implemented in the industry of gambling, offering the user a more comfortable environment for the game.

Box24 casino

The popularity of online gambling shows positive dynamics, and in 2022 we expect a steady increase in the demand for virtual platforms. This is due to many factors, among which the most important are:

  • complete anonymity and privacy of the player;
  • security of payments, non-cash money;
  • limited access to land-based establishments due to the pandemic;
  • convenience of gambling in a comfortable chair at home or from a mobile device at any time;
  • thousands of slots to choose from, which is not provided by any regular casino.

This also includes a large number of bonuses, free spins and other rewards that allow you to increase your starting capital.

As a result of increased demand for online services, there are many new interactive platforms that compete with the existing institutions. To stay in the market and not to lose the audience, developers introduce new tools, improve gameplay, functionality and design of slot machines.

What Technological Trends Are Expected in 2022 in Online Casinos

The modern user is becoming more discerning and demanding, especially it concerns the younger generation who are used to living with technological progress. iGaming monitors the latest trends, using them to attract customers. No one can be surprised by the quality of graphics, animation effects and virtual assistants anymore, so what else should we expect in 2022?

Let’s take a look at the main trends that are already appearing little by little in online casinos.

Mobile gambling

Most of the population has smartphones. These are convenient and practical gadgets, which are used not only to make calls, but also to perform other actions:

  • watch news, weather forecasts, videos;
  • communicate via video, messengers, share photos and videos;
  • take photos and videos, stream in live broadcasts;
  • pay by contactless payment, keep track of their health, make charts and listen to music.

Mobile Gambling

Online casinos have long appreciated the benefits of mobile devices, offering gamblers to play anywhere and anytime. This is especially convenient when you need to pass the time or not to lose a minute fighting for first place in a tournament.

To adapt the site to smartphones and tablets, special applications and mobile versions of the launch of the casino in the web browser are developed. According to UKGC statistics, more than 60% of all players run slots just from their phones. Sites and slots are correctly displayed and functionality is maintained in full. Logging into the account created on the PC, you can continue to play, receive bonuses, deposit and withdraw funds.

3D technology

Gamers are not surprised by three-dimensional graphics, but in gambling games this technology has just begun to integrate. There are only a few developments in 3D format, but a significant increase in such software is expected soon. It’s enough just to imagine what opportunities are open to the gambler, spending time on such a machine.

For example, you can make the game in the theme of Ancient Egypt and send the user in search of treasure. Or in the underwater world, with its flora and fauna. And when you get a solid amount – to pour out a mountain of coins in a huge stream.

All this will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of the game with your head, to get new impressions and emotions. Dimensional machines and the world around them will become realistic, and for this you will only need to use special glasses. Modern monitors allow to implement such developments, the resolution of the matrix will be enough to detail each particle.

From a technical point of view, everything looks as follows:

  • the digital file is completed with a special filter that changes the focus of the pixels;
  • viewing the picture through 3D glasses, the focus is partially restored, bringing the desired image to the foreground;
  • At the same time, the background stays blurred, creating depth.

Multifunctional slots

Even today, visitors to the casino can play novelties with a large number of possible combinations and special rules. Development companies are coming up with new approaches to make their product stand out from the mass of others.

For example, the Megaways feature from Big Time Gaming has been implemented in many other slots, receiving a license from the creator. The number of combinations per spin in such machines reaches 200 thousand variations, and each move is not similar to the previous one.

Another innovative solution is the cascading method of spins. This is advantageous due to the respins that are available after each prize move. During winning combinations, the prize icons disappear and new ones fall in their place.

Function Features
Megaways Up to 200,000 combinations, up to 8 cells per reel
Allpay Combinations of three characters from the leftmost reel, regardless of the location of the cell
Multiway Xtra At least three of the same symbol on the field, regardless of the location
All Pays It is enough the landing of the same characters in neighboring cells

There are a number of other developments introduced or planned in the near future, so the user should prepare for the expansion of functionality in the slots. Do not forget about the bonus games, freespins, special characters and other “pluses” that attract the attention of players when choosing a slot.


Virtual and augmented reality is no longer a fantasy, but available technology for humans. It is worth remembering the excitement with the game Pokémon Go, when millions of people rushed to find and collect animals, catching them in different real locations of the city. It is possible to implement such technology in the gambling business as well, when the player will watch not only the emulator, but also other effects on his display.

To achieve such a result, it will be enough to point your smartphone at a special picture, and separate solutions are developed for computer monitors and laptop screens.

Virtual reality is a more technically complex process, as it requires a number of devices to interact with objects. Not only glasses, but also other sensors will be needed. However, it is enough to imagine the game in the slot without a monitor, surrounded by some characters, landscapes or fantasy style. Any restrictions in the visualization are removed, though in the era of knights or on top of a skyscraper.

Live gambling

This type of gameplay has long been available to visitors of virtual institutions, and it is becoming more and more popular every year. Such success is achieved by the realism of what is happening on the screen. As if the gambler visits a real casino with professional croupiers and a card table with green cloth. In addition, betting in live mode is characterized by transparency, because the player sees everything with his own eyes, without cheating and other manipulations.

To conduct the game, a room is equipped with a camera that broadcasts live. At the same time, each participant can remain anonymous by putting any avatar in the profile. The game is played by a dealer, usually a pretty girl.

Blockchain-based crypto casino

Crypto Casino

This is an innovative solution that has only recently become widespread. Crypto Casino is no different from the usual online platforms, only accepting exclusively digital currency. Gambling on bitcoin, dogecoin, and other altcoins is considered safer thanks to blockchain technology.

Blockchain is a system in which information is recorded in successive blocks linked together. The chain is not interrupted, but instead of being stored centrally, is placed on computers and servers of multiple users. This is a guarantee that the data will not disappear anywhere, and financial transactions cannot be tracked by banking and other regulatory authorities. All a player needs is to know his cryptocurrency wallet key. Moreover, such institutions do not require verification, which simplifies registration and guarantees the safety of personal information.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

Gathering information about player behavior, the amount of time spent in the casino and deposits are necessary for many reasons:

  • helps to analyze the customer’s needs, providing personalized service;
  • improves interaction with the visitor, his loyalty to the institution;
  • meets the requirements of gambling regulators fighting fraud, money laundering and addiction.

IoT technology is also being actively implemented in people’s daily lives. In addition to remote control of appliances in the home, the Internet of Things allows the processing of massive amounts of information, showing excellent results in conjunction with AI.

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