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Telegram voice chat feature latest update allow unlimited participants



Telegram Premium plan


  • The feature is now available for unlimited participants.
  • The voice chats also come with invite links for speakers and listeners and voice chat titles among others.
  • Telegram users can also listen to voice messages from where they left off, without having to shuffle and match the previous timeframe.

In a recent update, Telegram messenger has introduced Voice Chats 2.0 with rich features for conducting live voice chat sessions in Channels for unlimited participants.

The update comes at a time when the likes of Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces are gaining popularity among users. Telegram’s voice chats on channels will allow users to record voice chats, cancel or edit a forwarded message.

These are the latest updates in the application that will raise your experience to another level.

1. Admin Can now Record the chats for participants

Admins of channels and public groups can now host voice chats for millions of live listeners. Admins can also record the live voice chat sessions, and the audio file will be automatically saved in their ‘Saved Messages’ window right after the session.

The recording can be provided to other members who have missed the live session. All the participants would be able to see whether a chat is being recorded or not with the help of a red light right next to the title of the voice chat.

2. Query Section

In a live chat session where the participants are muted, listeners can alert the admins if they want to speak by raising their hands. Admins can now see the bio of the attendees to easily recognize them. Voice chats also have optional titles which help users see the topic of conversation before they join.

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3. User Privacy

A public figure is not needed to use his/her personal account on Telegram for these voice chats. Instead, with the help of a channel, the public figure can conduct the voice chats and thereby maintain your privacy.

Telegram has got features such as the ability to cancel forwarding a message, changing the recipient of a message, and listening to voice messages from where they were left.

4. Option to Create Links

Users can create separate links for speakers and listeners on a voice chat session so that admins can easily handle the lists. These links can be shared on other groups too.

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