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The best location tracker app for parents




FamiSafe parental control and location tracker app is the best and most reliable child tracker app That helps parents in ensuring the safety of their child. The parents now need not worry about the whereabouts of their child. Using the FamiSafe parental control app, the parents can easily Track the reallocation of their child at any time they want. With the live location tracking function, the parents can get the exact point where their child is roaming at the instant of time. This function is a real-life saver as if your kids are quite small in age and they forget the route to home, then the parents can just take them to the correct path.

Features of the most trusted FamiSafe parental control and location tracker app

1. Setting a boundary to the child or geofencing

  • Talking about the location, there is something that FamiSafe offers you location tracking . The word geofencing is meant Geo which refers to the geographical states marked on the Maps through latitudes and altitudes. The fencing word here refers to creating a boundary or barrier. So, in this feature, the parents could easily set imaginary fencing on the borders of the location set for the child.
  • The fencing is created by parents when they do not want their child to cross a certain area. when the child leaves or enters a set of an area that is marked by their parents then they receive an instant notification about that.

2. Smart scheduling by parents

  • If the kids are quite addicted to staying at some places and you’re not telling you about them then why delay in letting your child be there again. The parents can now schedule the time of the places that are to be visited by their child. And if the place is not been entered or exited at a certain and particular time then the parents get an instant notification.


3. Location history timeline checking

  • If the kid loves exploring new places and you are always being tensed thinking about the places that he goes all day long then you do not have to be with him or she holds along. But what you have to do is just set up parental control app on their device to keep a record of all the places that are visited by them.
  • The location history checking feature will let you know the list of places that your kid has been to. It just not only tells you the places that are visited but it even tells you the time for which they have stayed there.

4. Additional features provided by the app are the free updates after you have paid a subscription plan. There is a money-back plan also offered to you by FamiSafe parental control and location tracker app that helps the parents in getting their money-back guarantee After 7 days of subscription. However, the application gives you a free 3-day trial then even it gives you a refund process.

5. The location tracker app also helps the parents in maintaining the multiple numbers of devices connected to the mean device. You can easily connect up to 5 or 10 or 30 devices to the main device so that you can easily have a quick check on the multiple numbers of devices.

Premium packs offered by FamiSafe Parental control and location tracker app

  • There is a monthly plan which is very up audible by the parents that cost about $9.99 per month and give the parents connectivity of up to 5 devices with the main device.
  • The second value plan offered by the location tracker app is off an annual subscription plan. This course about $59.99 for a year that is equivalent to paying $4.99 per month and this subscription gives the parents a maximum number of connectivity to protect the devices that are 30 devices can be connected with the main device.
  • There is the best plan offered to the users by the location tracker app that is the quarterly plan that costs about $19.90 per quarter that is equivalent to paying $6.66 per month. This gives the user connectivity of 10 devices and helps the parents in Securing their child.






Not just about the location tracking services provided by the location tracker app coma the parents could also get the information about the battery life of the device of their child. So, if the battery life is really low then you can easily call your child and ask them to come back home or put the phone in charge somewhere ASAP. But there’s something that you need to keep in mind especially that your child should not be bothered due to your calls and you can easily keep an eye on them.


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