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The Best Mobile Gaming Apps of 2021



Remember the days of Snake? How engrossing was that? Nowadays it’s a little harder to keep our attention, but as our tastes evolve, so does gaming. If you need something a little more engrossing, you might find what you’re looking for in this list for the best mobile gaming apps.

Best mobile gaming apps

South Park: Phone Destroyer

After a mostly forgotten initial trip-up in the gaming department, South Park has found its footing and truly redeemed itself. The foul-mouthed and witty games have found a home with, most unusually, turn-based combat of all things. After the success of console games Stick of Truth and The Fractured but Whole, despite heavy censorship, Parker and Stone have unleashed their new mobile game upon the world. The curiosity alone must be enough to make you download it.

You play as your favorite juvenile characters in this mashup of turn-based combat battles and card collection that sees you work through a huge single player narrative involving superheroes, wizards, spiritual leaders, call girls and the return of The Coon.


Unibet offers the ultimate gaming on the go experience, with an easy to navigate platform for all your gambling needs. Whether you’re a sports fan or a casino regular, you can check what are the best betting odds and make an informed bet.

And you have so much to choose from: the sports, casino, and poker app each include great features. The casino app offers over 500 slot games, progressive jackpot slots and a variety of live casino games to let Lady Luck take charge, while on the poker app you can create your own avatar, and change it up to three times a day, to join live games and practice your poker face.

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The sports app allows you to live stream on over 85,000 live sporting events and 100,00 horse and dog races every year. There is in-play betting with live updated betting odds and notifications straight to your phone if something big happens, to keep you up to date even if you can’t watch.

Life is Strange

For a more narrative-driven game, look no further than Life Is Strange. On the entirely opposite end of the spectrum from South Park or GTA, Life is Strange is entirely about consequences. The Dontnod classic features the same moral choices and stunning graphics that made it famous.

Play as Max, newly returned to her hometown where she witnesses her oldest friend shot in a school bathroom. Or not? Max manages to rewind time and save Chloe, but at what cost?

The wrong choice will have ripple effects for Max and the people around her. Her power is options, which results in her weakness being to make a decision. Max’s haunting story has been a massive success on consoles since its release in 2015 and has spawned various spin-offs in the same universe with new characters and powers. The story is now available on your phone or tablet to absorb.

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