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The Best Way to Check Someone’s Browsing History



Like all other technologies, the internet also shows a lot of positive and negative impacts.  Regardless of all positivity and beneficial impacts, we can’t deny accepting its blunders. Our children, siblings, and loved ones for whom we can do anything may add to some invalid and adult content. They may get involved in any terrorist activity while using the internet and social media apps. This situation is worse than our imagination. The killing thoughts push us into continuous depression and worries about our beloved people. 

But you don’t need to worry because we have some tracker apps to solve your problem. KidsGuard Pro is considered the best tracker to check someone’s browsing history. We are going to discuss its Pro features, working methods, and advantages. 

KidsGuard Pro for Android – A recommended App to Check Someone’s Browsing History 

Although it was developed recently quickly attracts thousands of people due to its pro features and easy use. It offers its tracking abilities to track data from Chrome, Google, Firefox, and safari. The app keeps your secrets with 100% surety, so there is no need to worry about catching up. 

Its installation and setup take a few minutes, and you can proceed forward quickly. You turn on your internet data all the time; the rest of the function will be done by the app. It is more effective than its cost. It enables you to check and open 30+ data files only at the expense of 0.27 dollars per day. If you need a phone tracker, then download KidsGuard Pro for Android because nothing can beat its features. 


Its compatibility is another pro feature that it is a compatible app for Android and iOS. It can run smoothly on the advanced version of an operating system without jailbreak/root. 

Advantages of KidsGuard Pro for Android 

  • The app offers to visit and open every site on the target person’s mobile. You can check the site by specific URLs browsed by the target person on the internet. 
  • You are also capable of checking the personal history of the target that shows what they were searching for on his or her mobile in your absence. 
  • As you can see history in your mobile with date, and time, the same thing you can check for your target through this tracker app. 
  • It secretly tracks the searching history of a target without bringing itself to the notice of the target. It gives you remote access via using an online account. Moreover, it is entirely invisible on the device of your target person. 
  • It shows a smooth and steady flow of data and provides a clear browsing history view so you can monitor individual target activities. 
  • Besides internet searching history, it also allows social media messenger chats, call history, take screen pictures, and location tracking.

How to Check Someone’s Browsing History Secretly Using

KidsGuard Pro for Android?

 You need to follow three steps to track the browsing history of your loved one. 

  • Step 1: Complete your registration process on KidsGuard Pro. Then get the authentic identification license required to fulfill your needs.

  • Step 2: Download the app on the phone you want to track and fulfill the setup requirements. 

  • Step 3: Approach the dashboard of online KidsGuard Pro and choose history in a menu of phone files and visit the web history. 

KidsGuard Pro for Android Features 

We take an overview of the KidsGuard app function and how these functions can be beneficial for spying. Here are the essential components of this app that have leading features. The main concern of the app and its components is to show you all the data files of another phone on your device screen remotely.  Here are sections that can be accessed through the KidsGuard Pro for Android.

  • Dashboard 

As you finish your login and setup requirements, the dashboard will appear on your mobile screen. It is the entry section of the app. The dashboard shows you the order information and other detailed information about the target phone. The dashboard shows you the location of the GPS and battery. GPS location is a handy feature that can help to track the person if something occurs wrong. 

  • Phone file section 

A phone file section is placed if you see it at the left corner of the dashboard portal. It shows you different categories of several files. For example, a category of contacts file, message file, search history file, and call history file. You only have to tap on one of your desired files and start reading files. It is convenient if you installed this app on your child’s phone. You can get all updates about your child’s activities and interests.  

  • Call logs 

Suppose you doubt your kid or husband who receives secret calls during family time. It is more suspicious if your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, or kid receives the call secretly and leaves the gathering. This app can help you to spy on their mobile without their notice. You can check if your kid is going the wrong way or if some unknown person from his school or playground is bothering him. It also enables you to track your husband’s or lover’s phone history, and calls. Moreover, you can identify if they are cheating on you. You can see the first eight calls. 

  • Messages 

As same as call logs, the app gives you access to message files. You can check the received and send messages and read the complete eight statements without fear of being caught up. 

  • Contacts

 Most of the people around you save the number of a person with the wrong name. For example, your boyfriend can keep a girl’s number with the name of his brother, father, or boy cousin. Like girls, they can cheat you by saving another boy’s number with a girl’s name. KidsGuard enables you to check the contact number, and you can see if they are known or unknown. 

  • Browser history 

You can see your kids browsing history. It can reveal the interest of your child. If they are watching porn or other filthy things, you have a chance to change their habit by taking some steps. 

  • Photos

It is the best parental control app that accesses you to the photo section of your kid and other loved people. You have an approach to both memory card and phone storage. A default folder is DCIM; it shows pictures captured by phone camera and other separate albums according to sources, like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, or Telegram.


KidsGuard Pro for Android is the best choice for you to monitor someone’s Android phone. When you want to check someone’s browser history. Just easily open the dashboard of KidsGuard. It not only shows you the browser history, furthermore, messages and call logs are also available. You can tap on eight top calls and messages and open them. You can see the duration of calls and the contact number and if your ten-year-old son calls by himself or receives the call. The contact number can show you if it is suspicious or familiar. Location tracking features also talk about the last location, the visiting address, and the duration of staying at a single place. If you zoomed out on the map, you could see more details.

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