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The iPhone 14 keeps calling 911 on rollercoasters



Crash Detection Feature

Thanks to the new life-saving technology. Your device is able to tell when you’ve fallen and call for help when you aren’t able to. Android and Apple devices can also detect when you’ve been involved in a car crash as well. That said, a number of Apple Watch and iPhone owners have found that their crash detection feature may be a little too eager to call 911.

iPhone 14 smartphone arrives with the feature of Car Detection. According to Apple, Crash Detection initiates an emergency phone call 20 seconds after it detects that the user is in a severe car crash.

iPhone 14 Car Detection feature detects Rollercoaster rides as a danger

As per the reports, the new feature is alerting 911 in the United States when the user rides a rollercoaster. The Crash Detection feature picks up on sudden braking, twists, and turns and views them as an accident, and alerts the authorities in the US.

When it calls law enforcement, it will play an audio message that alerts authorities you’ve been in a crash, and also provides them with your location. Well, that’s exactly what several users’ Apple devices did, but at the wrong time.

In a tweet, WSJ reporter Joanna Stern shares an example of one of the 911 calls placed while an iPhone 14’s owner was strapped to a rollercoaster at Cincinnati’s Kings Island amusement park. As the automated message plays, you can hear muffled screams in the background as the rollercoaster runs its course.

Unless the user manually cancels the call, the iPhone will play an audio message to the authorities indicating you are hurt. It will also share the longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates along with an approximate search radius

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Amusement Park receives six Emergency Calls in the last month

Some reports say that Cincinnati’s Kings Island Amusement Park has received over six emergency calls. It is a result of the iPhone’s Crash Detection feature in the last month.

Apple reacted to the situation and says that the Company brings this feature for the people’s peace of mind. He commits that in the future, the Company will be going to improve this feature

Bringing smartphones on rides isn’t really a smart idea, to begin with. The risk of false 911 calls might be all the more reason to leave the iPhone 14 (and other devices) behind before getting in that bumper car. Otherwise, you can opt to put your phone on airplane mode or just disable the feature altogether.

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