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It is no news that most people spend a lot of screen time on their personal computers (PCs) – whether working on essential projects or playing video games. Some of these activities involve heavy keyboard usage. The standard keyboards on these computers can perform these tasks. However, not many of these input devices are ergonomic; this is where the mechanical keyboard comes into play. If you need an improved computing or gaming experience, especially for games on sites like, then this gadget is the way to go.

Gone are those days when mechanical keyboards were strictly the gamers’ choice. Presently, there is a vast demand for these high-end electronic gadgets in the market. But before you rush into getting one, it is vital to check if it is worth purchasing in the first place.

Mechanical Keyboard – Is it Worth Purchasing?

You may be of the thought that owning a mechanical keyboard is not necessary. But looking beyond the surface, this gaming/working gadget comes with a lot of merits that will make your workstyle or entertainment experience enjoyable. Here are some reasons to have this type of electronic keyboard:

  • With mechanical keyboards, you can reduce the number of typos in a document; although, this boils down to the switch types. Additionally, it curbs distractions.
  • Another fact worth noting is that this keyboard is sturdy and long-lasting, which supports prolonged use.
  • Mechanical keyboards like Apple Extended keyboards and IBM Model M augment computing experience. Most people who use these devices claim to enjoy the typing experience they bring.
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The advantages that come with using a mechanical keyboard extends beyond the points stated above. First, there is always a difference in operating one of these gadgets – one you will not experience using the traditional keyboards. Before you pick one off the shelve of an electronic store, here are some things to consider:

  1. Understand the Terminology

Here is a fact: most manufacturers and sales reps would try to bamboozle you with much technical jargon that may result in selecting a keyboard that does not meet some of your requirements. You may come across terms like “Bump” and “Feels,” with regards to ergonomics. If such terminology sounds foreign to you, then this guide provides the correct explanation.

Photo by Jay Zhang on Unsplash


The term “Feels” describes a mechanical keyboard physical switch. Depending on a user’s choice, there are the buckling spring key switch mechanisms, the scissor switches, and other types.

X Percent Keyboards

You may come across this term when shopping for a mechanical keyboard. This term explains a keyboard size. “60% keyboards” do not feature the function key rows. They have 60 to 61 keys. Whereas “65% or 70% keyboards come with a small layout (66 keys), which features arrow keys. Function keys are available for “75% keyboards,” while Ten-key keyboards have full layouts with number pads, which are absent in Ten-keyless keyboards.


Each key on a mechanical keyboard produces tactile feedback when pressed. This response is called a Bump.

Travel Distance

There are pressed keys and rest keys with a distance in-between them known as Travel Distance.


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This term describes the noise a key produces when pressed.

  1. Select Based on Essential Application

As discussed before, mechanical keyboards come with various applications, depending on the switch featured. Some offer short travel distances for individuals who prefer faster clicks, while others require specific features to actuate the keys.


Purchasing an ergonomic mechanical keyboard does not require you to break the bank or empty your savings. However, you have to consider specific features before you hit the nearest electronic store. Your ideal keyboard should meet specific vital requirements, as buying this gadget can save you more in the long run.


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