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The methodology for choosing an outsourcing provider



At this point, pretty much everyone knows that software development outsourcing can be extremely beneficial to a business, allowing for better flexibility and easier access to expert knowledge. But it seems to be a bit of a-hit-or-miss kind of thing – some providers do much better than others. Why is it the case? That’s because many companies don’t do their research properly before declining on a partner – there is a methodology for that!


Contrary to what you might have heard, choosing an outsourcing provider doesn’t have to be stressful and doesn’t depend on luck either. With a good methodology, you can make the right decision every time you make your search.


Not that you have to do it very often, since once you get a good idea, it is usually a good idea to maintain long-term cooperation with them.


Still, even if you are to do it just once, you still need the methodology. Where can you get one?

Software development outsourcing – selection methodology

To each methodology, there is a theory and then, there is practice. Most companies, which are actually good at outsourcing, keep the practical knowledge to themselves. It is knowhow that is simply born by using theoretical knowledge in practice.


You can create the theoretical template by yourself too, but you can just get one here! One that proved successful for many companies includes the following steps:


  • Define your goals (what and when you want to build)
  • Define your needs (specific technologies, deadlines, soft skills etc.)
  • Pre-select vendors based on recommendations and online research and compare them side by side using your needs as a basis, using a template developed from it.
  • Talk to the best ones personally.


A more comprehensive version of this methodology you can find in this how to choose a software development company article.

Software development outsourcing – summary

When you implement this or another theoretical approach in practice, you will be able to find many details that can be further improved and polished to make even more informed choices. This is going to be your secret knowhow. You will need it too, but a theoretical methodology is still necessary to get there!

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