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This projector of the size of bluetooth speaker will make the house a cinema hall




  • Mini Projector is getting very affordable
  • Will easily fit in your budget
  • Projection quality is very strong

Mini Projector: Projectors are not much in trend in India and one of the reasons behind this is that they cost more. However, if you are thinking of buying a projector on a low budget, then today we have brought a strong option for you.

Flipkart Discount on Mini Palm Size Projector: If you like to watch movies in the theater itself, then many times you will have to spend a lot because you go with family and tickets for movies are also very expensive. However, if you want, you can enjoy watching movies theater-style at home and you will not have to spend much money on this. Your expenditure will be less than Rs 4,000. Actually today we are going to tell you about a sturdy mini projector available on Flipkart which can save you a lot of money and can offer a powerful experience of cinema at home.

Mini projector

The projector we are talking about is the Zync S3 LED Mini Projector which you get on Flipkart. It comes with a cylindrical design and you can keep it on your palm as well. Despite being small in size, its picture quality is very strong and you can project a large screen with it. If you also want to know more about it, then we are going to tell you about its price and features.

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What are the feature and prices?

If we talk about the specialty, then you get 480×360 resolution in this projector, along with this you get to see the brightness of 3000 lumens in it. With this brightness, you can have a great picture quality experience. You get to see LCD and LED projection technology in it. If we talk about the projection screen size, then it is 50 to 100 inches which is a perfect size according to a hall. Let us tell you that for this you can easily access this projector, you are given AV cables and adapter along with a powerful remote in it.

how much is the price

Now comes the price of this powerful mini projector. You can easily buy this projector for Rs 3,799. Although the actual price of this projector is Rs 4,999, you are being given a strong discount of 24 percent on its purchase, after which it can be purchased at such a low price.

If we talk about the specialty, then customers will get LED picture quality in this projector, as well as you will be able to watch movies from this projector from a distance of 14 feet, not only this, the lamplight of this projector is also 20000 hours, so you will get a strong Visual experience is about to come.

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