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TikTok to government: Ready to store data locally



On June 29 Indian government blocked TikTok in India along with other suspicious Chinese apps. Tiktok is owned by Bytedance and to regain the trust Bytedance told the government that they are ready to store data in India locally but denied any breach of user privacy and sovereignty or integrity.

TikTok was among the 59 apps that were blocked in India and now the video making giant saying Indian government to set up data centers in India. There were several reasons behind the ban of Chinese apps such as activities that threaten sovereignty, the integrity of India, the security of India, and many more. And after observing the serious concerns the government run a digital strike on China and banned suspicious apps.

The company’s defense comes in light of a point by point survey (more than 70 inquiries) that the IT service had run off to the blocked Chinese applications, looking for some subtleties on issues, for example, information the board rehearses, unapproved information gets to, security highlights, information preparing, and assortment.

A spokesperson for TikTok stated, “Now we have submitted our response to the federal government and are working with them to supply clarifications to allay the issues they’ve. All through the length of our operations, we’ve demonstrated unequivocal dedication to complying with native legal guidelines, together with knowledge privateness and safety necessities.”

The Indian government has framed a high-level committee to inquire about the response of Chinese companies which would assist it to work out the future course of action, with a decision to make face to face meetings or look additional details.

According to the sources, TikTok emphasized that it was a law-abiding firm in India. And the Video making app is looking to expand its reach in India by establishing local database servers.

Previously TikTok claimed that it was used to save Indians data on third-party servers in the US and Singapore. The move of setting up database servers in India is an initiative to create trust and belief in its data-handling practices.
The company also mentioned that it is planning to set up an engineering center in India that would focus on global products and tech innovations.

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